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HomeMade Amps



Nonentity has completed an interesting Home Made Practice Amp project. As usual there is a good compliment of high quality pictures on his site. The wood work on this is breathtaking!

“The wood is a fine piece of quilted Maple, with several coats of High Gloss Tung oil. I got the speaker grille cloth from the ol Internet. The bottom case cover is the back of an old Harddrive.
The amp turns on when you plug in the 1/4 guitar cord. This was possible by using a stereo jack, and using the unused other channel lug to complete the ground back to the battery.
The LED light intensifies with the amp (strum harder for brighter light). This also allows me to use the light as a tuner, as bad harmonics between strings will cause the light to shimmer, and in-tune strings will be a solid light.

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