Honey Bee and Tim: diferences in the amount of gain?


How does this 2 pedals compare gain wise?

I believe the Tim has more gain available, but for those who have/had the two at the same time, the maximum amount of gain on the Honey Bee is equal to what, gain on the Tim at 12 o'clock?


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I'm not sure but yeah the Tim has waay more gain. I'd say for me the Tim has more gain than the HBOD maxed out when the gain is at noon on the Tim.
Now it's important to note here that the Tim and Timmy have different gain levels... Part of which is due to the different values of the potentiometers between the Tim and the Timmy.
The Tim is the original design with a 500k pot, but with a boost as well. The Timmy has a 1k pot to yield more gain cuz it has no boost.

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