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hot rod deluxe 1x12 extension cab speaker replacement question.


hey all.
i'm currently playing my princeton reverb through a hot rod deluxe 1x12 cab and it's not doing much for me tone-wise. the princeton by itself sings but, as we all know, isn't made for loud volume gigs. i bought the hot rod deluxe cab in hopes of giving the princeton a volume boost, but the celestion inside it just isn't doing it for me. i have a good relationship with an eminence dealer located near me, so i was wondering if anyone here at TGP knew the best eminence speaker to put inside the hot rod deluxe cab to best bring out the nuances of the princeton. i don't know much about speakers at all so all suggestions and tips are welcome. thanks!

Guitar Dave T

I'm not so much of a fan of either that extension cab or the 80 watt Celestion they put in it.

But starting with the cab, it's not deep enough for a closed back, and has kind of a one-dimensional sound. Maybe if you cut an oval back port. I fixed this by building my own closed back, 12" deep cab.

Speaker-wise, I love a well-broken-in V30 for this amp, and it's one of the better sounding speakers in a 1x12, closed back cab out there. And don't be taken aback by the speaker's negative reviews - most are based on brand new speakers that haven't been given a chance to break in.

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