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Hot Rod Deluxe help


hi folks, wondering if anyone here has any ideas for me and this Hot Rod Deluxe.
For years I played through a modded Marshall 100w JMP, normal 4th pre tube etc. Sounded great.
Have also had the pleasure of having a Komet 60 and Komet Limited, awesome amps....
But, financial issued caused me to part with both Komet amps and the Marshall was just to much to carry around.
So a friend sold me USA Fender Hot Rod Deluxe cheap. Another friend gave me some primo vintage GE 6L6s ( I only had EL34s , KT88s etc) and I experimented from my own collection of pre-tubes.
Now this HR Deluxe is a decent little amp and works ok for my present gigging. But...
My issues with this amp are:
1. Too much bass, even with bass on “0”
2. No balls in the mids (low mids, mid mids, or upper mids)
3. Drive channel is ok at best
4. More Drive is? pretty much unusable
5. And the Reverb has this strange “tink” trail sound, a HR Deville had the same thing.

My main thing is pedal builds but I am more then willing to go into this amp.
I have read all of the info I could on these amps, including Justin Holton's excellent Hot Rod Deluxe site.
Even thought of trying a dirt box with a GE-7 (frown curve) and I guess that could just be the most realistic answer.... seems dirt boxes alone can't seem to do it....no matter what advertising hype they claim.

The clean channel is typical Fender clean, no real complaints with that.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanx for your time. :brick

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