Hot Rod Deluxe III -- Thoughts?


I've had mine about a year. It has a great big clean sound especially when I use the 2nd impout jack. I don't like the drive channel and use a Greer Southland OD which I can't speak highly enough about. Sometimes I use an RC Boost pedal to sort of polish the clean tones.

Some reccommend different tubes or a different speaker...maybe that is true but those 2 pedals are a good enough enhancement for me.

They say the HR3 has improved the fast volume ramp-up..and I don't know because I never had the previous but I live in an apartment and I would get evicted with volume over 2 and
my guitar or pedal volume up.

That superfast acceleration makes individual notes tend to 'pop' out but the pedal setting tame that.

I got mine new for $650 USD which seems a good price and I was curious what all the hype on this amp was.

It is love iit or hate it or sometimes probably both. It's challenging to work with...and my bottom line is I'm glad i got it..have no interest in trading it etc. and it took me a long time to get the sounds I like out of it.

It is not exactly a subtle piece of equipment.
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