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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by classic warpig, Mar 30, 2015.

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    Mar 30, 2015
    Just wanted to post some info about my amp malfunction and newly added Granger Hot Rod Deluxe Premium MOD

    I got myself a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III about a year and a half ago, mostly sat in my practice room stationary never gig'd. I ran into a deal to trade it of for a peavey classic 50 head and 4x12 Cabinet. I played the amp before I left sounded great. I get there to do the trade and the amp decided it wanted to mysteriously go bad on the ride. hmm.... it just worked. Amp started making distorted sound at low volume on the clean channel terrible sound like a blown speaker or something. it also has an AC power hum with an oscillation to it, all these are fresh noises to indicate it broke. I threw some tubes in it at the guys house with no luck still same noise.

    Needless to say no trade. Drove back home and started exploring the internet and found some mods I ordered up the premium Granger MOD for my Hot Rod Deluxe. I was on the fence about getting rid of it anyways I did like the amp a lot but I liked the option of having the 4x12 cabinet and similar tones from the peavey head. I also have another 50 watt amp that I could have used as a head for more options and playing with some friend and actually being heard well instead of keep cranking it to 11.

    I wanted to wait till I got my mod before tearing into the amp. mod arrives with caps, vol pot, tubes, et65 speaker. I open the amp up and begin investigating. it sounded like a capacitor discharge / filtering problem so I look into that after touching up a few cold solder joints and reflowed the cement resistors on the board that didn't fix it. I replaced C31 the 47uf 500v capacitor and it was fixed sounded perfect again.

    After that I got the Granger MOD installed and man this thing RIPS hard now. the drive channel is smooth and has a great tone and its got quite a bit of gain to not be a high gain amp. the volume attenuation is much better with the audio taper pot for the clean channel volume. I added some bright caps to the pots as well and the clarity and brightness just came to life. the reverb is improved quite a bit. all around this is a great mod. if you want to wake up your HOT ROD DELUXE then get the GRANGER MOD and turn it into a true hot rod'd beast. I don't see myself trading or selling this amp anytime in the future it just sounds great now. really dynamic and smooth, pearly chiming cleans and some pretty tight drive. it got rid of that raspy hissing sound the drive channel had before. it sounds just like the clip where the guy is doing all the van halen riffs on youtube.
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    Fender? Are you listening?

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