Hot Rod Deville...thoughts?

Im looking at a deville for my next amp...I usually play a clean amp and get dirt from pedals, but I would like a tube amp with a good od channel...(my peavy classic 30 has a decent od channel) I know the hot rod deluxe od channel is crappy, so I was wondering what players thought about the deville???


I've had the 410 Deville for 8 years and I love it. I wouldn't say the OD channel is bad, but it's not a monster gain channel. I do, however, use OD pedals for my distortion, because I like the flexability pedals provide.

Like most amps, good tubes help a lot (I'm using a Tungsol 12AX7 in V1 and JJ's in the other 4 slots)! The 410 is a very rich sounding, loud amp. Think of it as a '59 Bassman with reverb, an effects loop, and more power. Other than the tubes, I've changed the stock speakers to Eminence Patriots (2 Ragin Cajuns and 2 The Copperheads), and the tone has definitely changed for the better; it's much more 3D, warm and expressive.

Oh yeah, another benefit to the Deville (also applies to the HR Deluxe), it is very easy to bias new power tubes. All you need is a digital multimeter and a small flat head screw driver.

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