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How a drunk driver changed my rig

I'm okay, for the most part. Was driving home from our show last weekend at 2:30am and a drunk driver came across 100 yards of embankment and divider from another highway and smashed into my car at 60mph.

Car is a total loss. At the time, I was carrying my 1960B cab, pedalboard, guitars, etc. Cab was the only item damaged because it was in the trunk. Insurance company owns that now.

I have some back and neck injuries that, while I'm fine for the most part, are going to limit what I can lift for the near future. Also because I can't afford to replace my car with something that would haul a half stack, I'm going to have to slim down.

So, I'm thinking about going direct again. Axe-Fx, KPA, whatever. I'll miss the whole "amp in the room" thing behind me but I'll deal with it because I'm still alive and able to play. Leaning Axe-Fx. Probably control it with my HD500x. But here's the question:

I want a lighter powered monitor/PA speaker. And not just one, but two. One to keep at rehearsal space to cut down on me lifting stuff, and one to have carried along to gigs. I'd like a 15" so I can at least get back some of the oomph that a 412 brings. But I'm open to other sizes or configurations as long as the bass response is there. I have about $1200 to spend on that. What do I do? Other things to keep in mind: I might DJ with these speakers on occasion. CLR just isn't an option from a price standpoint.

Fire away!


I've got no rig advice, but just wanted to pass on my best wishes for a good recovery from your injuries. An accident like that really sucks.

About 10 years ago, a good friend of mine was in a similar accident. She was just driving home in the early evening and a drunk driver came barrelling across the dividing strip and slammed into her car. She was in the hospital for nearly a YEAR and almost lost her right leg. To this day she still cannot walk properly, and the emotional scars are pretty bad.

Sucks when you are doing NOTHING wrong and something bad happens that is totally out of your control...


Another one with no useful advice here, but tons of well wishes and hopes for a full and speedy recovery.


Holy sh*t! Glad you are OK. The QSC K12 with the bass boost has some thump and you might be able to get them used under your price point.


Karl, glad you survived and didn't end up in hospital permanently.
It's an amazing failure and a shame that alcohol locks are still not a required must have feature in cars today, just like belts and other safety details that saves thousands of lives. Hope you get well soon!


First off - well wishes for your recovery and well being! Seriously. You are lucky to be around.

Secondly - are you using this setup for monitoring for yourself OR for FOH stage volume for an "amp replacement"? or both.

Have you tried the 500x first? I use a 500 all the time. It's great for me.

I use it with an Alto strictly for personal monitoring - so it's not my FOH sound - I play direct. I would get an Alto TS112a (or 2 1x10s) for the practice and DJ things and get a CLR for gigs with the 500x. A little more than your budget but not much if you shop for deals on the Altos. Or the EV speaks.

I find the 500 capable - I would love to try something else - but resources dictate otherwise - and I am quite happy. It would be for my mental issues to know that I "elite" stuff more than tone.

What sounds are you doing?
are you using this setup for monitoring for yourself OR for FOH stage volume for an "amp replacement"? or both.
My plan is to have a powered monitor behind or to the side of me with just guitar signal. I'll rely on another provided 15" wedge in front of me for other instruments, vocals, and a little "more me". I will go direct to FOH from the modeler.

Have you tried the 500x first?
Yeah, it's a great little board. It can do almost everything I want it to do in my cover band. And I use it all the time at church, but with a DT25 combo. However, I like to keep those rigs separate. Sometimes I leave the Line6 rig locked up at church. And sometimes I leave my cover band rig at our rehearsal space. Might be doing even more of that from now on. And I do want to go back to the Axe again because there are tones on there, like the Mesa Marks, that the HD just doesn't have.

Electric I

Wow. So glad you are ok. Hope you have a full recovery. ****ing alcohol. The ruination of so many lives yet it's legal.

Far as a speaker goes, I'll defer to those here in the know.

Good luck with everything.


Karl, glad you made it through okay. I know a lot of guys using the Axe-FX and they seem to like it and take it everywhere with them.


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A couple ideas:

The smallest and cheapest would be:

Zoom G3X with the Alto TS112

Also the Zoom G5 and the EV ZLX12P would be a step up.

Going into the more mid priced range:

Line 6 HD500
Avid 11 Rack
Atomic Amplifire (brand new)

For cabs\FRFR speakers

RCF 312A

Design Guy

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Damn Karl,
Glad to hear you're (mostly) ok. ...take care of that back, those injuries can linger (been there, done that).

Heal fast!


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I would seriously spend more time routing out a good Physical Therapist and spend some time working on all the necessary strengthening, stretching, and aerobics one needs to sleep at night and sit without discomfort.


Karl, glad you are OK and here's to a speedy recovery and many more years of making music (and giving gear advice) :beer
As for speaker recommendations...how about the Mackie DLM12's? Not 15's, but I've heard a lot of good things about them. Small and relatively light. Been considering a couple myself. You can find blem versions for around $550 each if you look.
Talk to me about these. My sound guy has the 15" versions of these, so I could easily try them out. Anyone use an Axe-Fx with them?

The last time I went FRFR with the Axe, it was an Ultra and it was into a pair of passive EV's that were...okay.

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