How about some Ibanez love - Most underrated? Let’s see yours


Would love to have one of these

Ibanez Premium RG6PKAG


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I just spent an hour playing this guitar and it is killer. Just polished it and this 2002 RG620 QM looks new.

2/64s action low E with zero fret buzz anywhere.

Great tone with the Suhr SSH+ bridge pickup and stock V7 sounds great in the neck.

We constantly hear about Suhr, Fender Custom Shop, Gibson, PRS and etc., but this 2002 RG620 QM with the Ultra neck and the Suhr SSH+ bridge pickup is a better playing and sounding guitar than my Suhr Modern, Fender CS and CS Les Paul. The Ultra neck and jumbo frets are amazing, but the stock bridge V8 pickup needed to be upgraded.

My Custom Shop ESPs and Anderson are a head of it in my rotation, but not by much especially given that I paid 5 to 10 times more for those guitars than this. Much respect for Ibanez. Let’s see yours.

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My son came home from Japan after 3 years there with the USN. He brought home an S model (thin and light) blue his favorite color flame top. I have it on permanent loan, it’s my shop guitar for testing pedals, amps and speakers. Last Christmas my wife bought me an RG in mirage red! Love em both! I am lucky guy!


An Ibanez AEW 400 was my very first acoustic, way way back in the old days around 2019.

i love lbanez, always been stellar , never had an issue, still awaiting stock on the AZ, as i am keen on one.

i have two that are keepers, a JBM100 jake bowen signature, i had no idea who that was, but he was kind enough to sign this one, usually would put me off but done in the classiest way in gold, a true Djentlemen.

And my Pia, the one i am most at home with, that wizard neck takes some getting used too on the JBM, when it gets its chance. Noticeably thicker and a tad more comfortable ”for me” on the Pia thats for sure.

one of my main shops is the importer, and i am always in looking for new ones, stock has just been somewhat limited of late.




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Here's the three I have now. I sold a JPM-P100 last year

Forgot the Destroyer I just bought at a sales, did that for a friend who couldn't come to the store. I recorded a short demo, the strings are probably 10+ years old

Got it for around 350 dollars. Besides being in the store for so long, the guitar is new. I would have bought it for myself if I didn't already have too many instruments


I think Ibanez started producing decent guitars around 1976.

Their early 'copy' guitars made in the first half of the 1970s weren't very good.

My favourite guitars were the Blazer and Roadstar models with pickguards and three single coil pickups (c. early to mid 1980s). They were sort of like Ibanez's version of a Stratocaster.


I have a few decent guitars (Fender CS, Music Man, ESP) but my favourite for the last year or so is my JS6000, the fixed bridge Satriani Sig. Now I'm constantly on the lockout for JS6 and JS1600 guitars, a bit hard to find these days.
JS-6 Bought new in 92. Signed and played by Satch. Still my #1 today, and my other guitars are PRS. Play it daily. Upgraded to the new bridge and locking tuners (same Gotoh models) and added PRS USA HFS humbucker. The neck feels like home.
I honestly don't understand why everyone doesn't have at least 2 RG's. Good instruments that don't break the bank. Had both of mine for many years, gigged the 470 for years. Nothing has failed on either guitar*. They just keep playing nd sounding great.

It's the Wizard neck for me. Which is a shame as otherwise I've always loved RGs/Ibanez in general. Simple, well priced, no nonsense rock guitars that look cool AF. I wonder if I'd get used to it but they just feel too flat and weird to me whenever I've tried.


Have 3 rg 7s from 90's + 1 Petrucci sig . The 7 i love them all ,but modded them all ^^ .
Flatter radius heaven for fast playing+bending on lower actions in higher zones of fboard( if one wants it ) .
Apart for the friendly "photobait " ( lol) the only reason why some people could underestimate ibbies is the fact that they do not differentiate enough the "glance " appareance between Cheapos/Medium / Higher range .
You find fancy figurations and odd woods in medium range indo/k instruments and plain colours in higher range japanese for example .
You have REALLY to know a lot of stuff to differentiate most of them ( like for example exact type of floating bridge and so on ) .
Otherwise you have to learn your book about them like i did when i did look for 20years ago
...heck ibby use of numbers is super oddly difficult to remember and discern too , try to show to a not ibanez guy he will be lost if is not Vai -like thing ( and there are medium range too there) .
Other companies are "more obvious ", either on woods / naming or writing the model name range on headstocks etc etc..
Ibanez : Workhorses at the least and good looking always ^^


Had this for... ummm...43yrs. Needs frets, pickup rewind, pots, the bridge height adjustment is seized and two of the tuners dont work.
It killed off any LP gas from 1979-2007 until it became unplayable. I replaced it with a non gibson LP style guitar.
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That was my first Ibanez. PR1440 in red. Bought it brand new in mid 84. Sold it off in the early 90s to get a Strat Elite. Found a black 85 PR1440 (as seen on post #8) to replace it about 14 years ago. Great guitar!
I have a similar story with an AR150 Bigtone - had to get one back - 30 odd year cycle.

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