How about the Blackheart Handsome Devil, any good?


I have one and also have a Little Giant. I bought these amps with no idea how they sounded. I really like the way these Blackheart amps sounds. The HD is a great sounding and very versatile amp. You can dial in a Fenderish tone or darken it up for a much thicker tone. They also work really well with an overdrive pedal or two.
Thanks Champster, I have been looking at that amp since it was first announced, I have a nice set of higher gain JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes and hotter JJ EL84 power tubes, I bought for the Pro Jr I tried and sent back. Those will work fine with the Handsome Devil combo. I want a little cheapo amp I can take around for house jams etc. That would work fine I think. I have an Epi Valve Jr head as well but I have to hook that to a cab. I want the amp in one hand and guitar in other scenerio when going out.


I had one, and it's a decent amp. I thought it was like the LG, but louder and more flexible.


I have one, but it's my first tube amp so I don't have much to compare it to.

I really like it, it gets pretty nice clean tones and then you get a nice amount of break up as you turn it up. The 7/15 watt feature is nice too

One of my friends has a Blues Junior and said he likes the way my amp sounds better than his.

Pop an overdrive pedal in there and it's money


I also own both the Little Giant and the Handsome Devil. Both excellent amps in my opinion. They take pedals well, and the Handsome Devil really allows you to dial in some pretty good tones. Honestly, I've owned more expensive amps than these, and the Blackhearts sound just as good if not better than some of the other production amps out there.

I run my Handsome Devil through a 212 cab, and it sounds pretty awesome both with single coils and humbuckers.

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