How and why do you use a treble booster?

Dr. Lo

I'm interested in the range of ways and reasons people use their treble booster. Please specify the following:

  1. Which treble booster you use.
  2. The amp you use it with (specify clean or dirty channel).
  3. The guitar you use it with.
  4. Whether you use it with a dirt pedal (either before or after the treble booster).
  5. How high you set the booster's level control.
  6. The reason you use the treble booster.


When I use one, I use a Keeley Java Boost. Used to use a DAM Red Rooster. I don't use it much these days. I used to play quite a bit with a slightly dodgy covers band. I only really play with them now if they have a larger gig and are doing some more classic and hardish rock songs. This is where a TB is very useful.

I put it into either my amp (THD BiValve) or run it through a RAT.

I play a Gibson Explorer (I have never played a guitar I have got on with better).

I set it to boost quite a bit above unity. I like it to push an already pretty much saturated amp/pedal into a different, more cutting and zingy distortion. I find it gives the sound focus and gets rid of some of he flubbines I hear when playing with higher gain.

I do not like the sound of them into a clean amp - the sound seems almost empty.


I don't currently have one but I used to have an MJM RM Booster which I loved. It just nailed that nasty early Sabbath tone for me. Used it with my Tele (Nash with a humbucker in the neck) into the MArshall 1974X I had at the time. I always found it had to be dimed to sound right but a dimed treble booster was too loud for me (read: my wife) so I had it running into an RC Boost and used the RC to bring the overall volume down. It worked like a charm.


Fuzzy Guitars
-I use an AnalogMan Beano Boost, I have tried others but they were not as smooth on top as the Beano and most of them were much more hissy.

-I use it mostly with small combo amps...62 brown Fender Deluxe, 60 Ampeg Jet, Mission Amps V Front Super clone, these amps don't have a dirty channel.

-I use it with all my guitars...Tele's, Strats and various Gibsons
Sometimes I do use it with a dirt makes a great boost into a pedal for higher gain sounds at lower volumes and also works well after dirt boxes for a volume boost as well, it's also a lot of fun stacked with fuzz boxes and sometimes I just leave it on all night.

-I set the boost anywhere between about 9 o'clock (which is almost no real volume boost at that setting it just tweaks the EQ a bit) and full up which can get over the top if you don't watch it. As a general rule most of the time it stays somewhere between noon and 3 o'clock.

-I use a Treble booster becasue I like the way good ones sound...they are great for boosting pedals into high gain and area also great for boosting amps into killer tones, old school tones. Also the freq range that gets boosted is perfect for electric guitar in a rock band,

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