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How are the Fender Broadcaster/Twisted Tele pickups

Geek USA

Are these pickups pretty hot for telecasters? I might grab an American Standard but the place didn't have any higher gain amplifiers to play through. It sounded decent clean/light gain on amplifiers I wasn't too familiar with. I read something online those CS Broadcaster pickup are wound about 10k, which would be a good thing for me since I'm mostly a modern rock player. They seemed to be twangy enough clean. How about the Twisted Tele? I read that they're basically meant to be hot strat neck pickups built into a telecaster package. This right? Just some general comments and opinions would be appreciated.


This is just my own limited experience: I've been checking out Am Std teles, A/B'd a 2011 and a 2012: the 2012 was considerably hotter. I only used an overdriven Blues Junior in the store, so I can't speak for the high-gain perspective - but just from between the two guitars I could tell the difference in output right away. Those are very nice pickups, again just from my own experience.


I agree. My pal has one and the new p/ups sound great. Big improvement; you don't have change p/ups any more!


That isn't really true.
Yes it is :) Shove the distortion up high enough (either with a high gain amp channel or a distortion/fuzz box) and the 60-cycle hum from a single coil is going to be extremely present. Of course you could use noise-gates and other things to combat the 60-cycle hum, but that another conversation altogether.

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