How are the mini moogerfoogers??


Who has played which ones and how did you like them???

Any comparisons to their big box pedals would be helpful too.



I have the Drive. Brilliant sound.

Some notable things
- The filter knob is more similar to filter knobs you might have seen on synths than most guitar pedals, slope wise, and especially with the resonance switch engaged.

-Very wide range of Gain, from barely there, amp breaking up to, basically = fuzz.

-with a standard expression pedal, can act as a dirty wah.

I played the trem at the store and sounds really good. I just already have a Zvex sonar, which is pretty hard to beat on feature set.


I have the

Minifooger Drive, Tremolo, Delay

Moogerfooger MF104M Super Delay

Moogerfooger Ring Modulator.

I love them all.

I Can get a Pretty nice DIrty or Clean Wah Sound from the Drive with EP pedal.

It may Not be 100% as good as a Dedicated Wah, but I Can do a Convincing Voodoo Chile with it. But it IS Tricky to dial in.

I mainly use my Drive unit as an EQ effect and it works Great for this Especially for money.

Actually the MINI's compare very well considering how much more flexible the larger Moogerfoogers are.

The MINI Delay has a Similar Voice as the Super Delay or the Regular MF104M. If you can call them Regular.

It just doesn't have the range and wave form and oscillation ect available from the Moogerfooer.

The MIni Delay also has a really nice Drive unit built into it.

I have 4 more Moogerfoogers in my radar.

The Midi MURf, the 500 Series Ladder Filter and the MF108M Clusterflux/ Modulation and 6/12 Stage Phaser.


I've only played the trem. Which doesn't have a big counter part, unless you count the ring mod has the big brother. I thought the trem was very nice. Nothing really special I thought. I liked that it has sawtooth and reverse sawtooth wave forms. The big box ring mod, sounds really nice as a tremolo but can't do the sawtooth. I want to check out the drive, that one looks really nice. I love the drive on my cluster flux, I'd like to have more saturation. It sounds really good when you clip that cluster flux.


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I've only played the Boost. I'm still learning how to use it, but it seems like a very useful pedal, especially with the expression pedal. I have my amp set just below edge of breakup and the sweep on the expression pedal takes me from just a little bump into break up to about mid level OD and then I can kick on a fuzz for leads, so I wind up with a pretty wide range of distortion to select from. I haven't had many chances to play it with my band, though, so I have to hear how the volume differentials work in the mix - if you run it into a really clean amp, the range of volume boost is too much, but it might be really good if you just want to set a preset volume boost for clean leads and not use the expression pedal.

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