How are the new Taylor electrics doing?


I'm just curious, does anyone know how the new Taylor electrics are doing as far as sales? I have to admit I own & love their acoustics, but in my opinion think the new electrics are pretty ugly. I haven't played 1 yet, but the clips I've heard haven't blown me away either...just curious to know if Taylor is considering them a success at this point or not quite where they wanted to be as far as sales? Thanks for your input!


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No facts, but my guess is pretty poorly. The general consensus among people, including several retailers I've talked to, is that they are kind of ugly and blah.

I'd agree.

I'd go even further to say that Taylor just went too far out on a limb with them. Nothing about them is's all proprietary, which means you either take it all "as is", or leave it. Can't even swap pickups.

That said, I'm sure the next issue of Wood & Steel will tout them as a great success.

BTW, I love Taylor acoustic, and own two. I also love the company in general. Just a big misstep with these solid-bodies, methinks.


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Have to agree, saw them at NAMM, they definitely looked different .... not that that is bad, just different, not too many guys playing them in the display room either, some really nice acoustics though ...... looks like they are headed for the Fender fold anyway?


Don't know about the sales, but I'm very interested in getting one. I have a T-5 that's about 2 years old now, and I really like that guitar! Took a while - I kept wanting it to sound like other guitars - when I finally started playing it and really listening to what it will do, I just love it... It feels very "right" in my hands, better access to the upper register than my ES-345 by far (even tho' it has fewer frets), an extremely accurate fingerboard, all over the neck - and it weighs 5#!!!!! I mean, COME ON!!!
I've played only one of the solid bodies, the rock n' roll one, which would not be my choice to buy - I thought the electronics were very nice, lots more different sounds than from standard 'buckers, lots of output but...different, you know? The neck is wonderful - even tho the set-up on this one was brutally bad - and the finish work is great... it is not a light guitar, however.
What the heck? If sales are down, maybe the prices will go there as well!
I see that Taylor has added a koa top version now, as well as a few different colors... but I think the ergonomics and electronics are what really make the guitar. Don't know why folks think they're ugly, or homely, or whatever - they seem very functional to me. I don't expect that teles or strats or LP's were greeted warmly by "traditionalists" either... IMHO.
Post if you get your hands on one - I'll do the same next time I play or buy one!
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I played one tonight just to give it a whirl. I am not really that impressed with the cosmetics of the guitar, but it plays fantastic. I was in the store when there were a few dudes with lip rings sitting together blasting every metal song they could come up with - or at least parts of the songs. So, I can comment only on the playability and the neck feels great and the guitar feels extremely comfortable in your hands. I don't plan on buying one unless I were to get a crazy good deal on one, but they certainly are better when you actually play one.


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Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone seen one of the new Breedlove Mark series up close? These things look awesome! Just wonder if they sound like a PRS or LP...


I haven't met anyone here in the UK who's bought one, or even tried one. But one store( that doesn't usually do discounts,) is already discounting them by 25%. Of course UK prices don't help, £1000($2000) for the basic one, £2000($4000) for the custom.........................
The price of a decent LP custom or SG custom here, or a CS strat.:cool:

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I've played a few now. I'm on the fence if I like them or not. I don't like the neck, feels strange to me. Every one of them was set up poorly. Plus side is that I liked the tonal flexability. Looked like they were nicely made and they were light weight. A lot of neat ideas are incorporated in them, but it isn't like the first time I picked up a PRS in 1985 and knew right away that I must own one.


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I bought a koa-topped Custom from GC and returned it after a week. I REALLY liked the sound, but I could not get the action adjusted correctly without getting fret buzz. The bridge - while visually stunning - is a roaring pain the ass to adjust. There's no way to raise the individual saddles - the only height adjustment that you have is at the two ends of the bridge.

But the tone - man, that rhythm tone was exceptional, and the lead pickup sounded KILLER through my Dr. Z...

But in the end, I couldn't set it up to my it be gone!



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I've played a few of them and I thought they were great for chord/rythym stuff, but they felt really strange when bending strings. They look kinda freaky, too.


Taylor already kinda went on a limb with the T5 trying to really push it as a real electric guitar... I don't care what anyone thinks its not good enough to be pushed as an electric guitar. Even the acoustic side of it is very bland and in really to me, doesn't sound acoustic at all. i also just don't care for Taylor's ES system to begin with...

On a positive note, I do think the T5 is one of the best playing 6-strings I've ever picked up. Its just effortless to play and i wish I could get over the way it sounds, I would definitely be interested in one, plus I think its a decent looking guitar as well.

Never played the new electric but I do think its looks great. But I'm going to bank that it will be just average when compared to the real players in the solid-body race.

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