How are you using your Barber EQ?


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I just got this pedal today. Haven't had much time w/ it at all, but this pedal is a tone enhancer. I'm playing this in the loop of a suhr badger. In front of the badger is a brown rabbit. I'm all about the 80's metal, but I also want a organic tone and feel is just as important to me as tone.

I have the barber eq is set on the british setting. This setting adds a super nice grind to your tone. The pedal seams to impart a very suttle enhancement (doesn't change the tone of your amp.) I didn't try this pedal infront of the amp w/ the brown rabbit or on any other settings. I just plugged it in the loop and had a great thing happening so I didn't want to mess w/ it. Sounds like a balnket has been taken off my amp, but the best thing is that GRIND! (If you have the pedal you'll know what I'm talking about)

I'm interested to here from you guys that have more experience w/ this pedal. Suggested settings, placement ect.

Bob T.


I place it last in the chain and use it as a boost occasionally. When I was using another boost, I ran the B-EQ next to last.

I found a setting that works for me on most amps. I don't use the vintage pull on the mids. I run the Bass and Treble at 12 noon, and the mids at 10 o'clock. This just widens the sound and scoops the mids a touch.

I rank the toggle settings in this order for my needs:
1. Far left (Bassman-like)
2. Far right (Marshall-like)
3. Center (Blackface-like)

Enjoy the grind!!


I initially got the Barb EQ to use in front of my Clark Beaufort, which is a 5E3 clone, to add some sparkle and tone shaping capability. I believe Mr. Barber designed the Barb EQ for use in front of amps with limited tone shaping controls, and it works well in that application. But, I recently got a guitar with P90's and the neck pickup is a little muddy, so I've been using the Barb EQ's BF setting in conjunction with the neck pickup to reduce the bass and add some sparkle and clarity. Works like a charm.

Great Pedal!


I run guitar -> vht valuvlator -> tone press (VERRRYY subtle compression) -> barbeq (middle position, treb at 12, mid at 5, bass at 2) -> other stuff -> rivera.

I use the barb eq in front of my rivera, it adds mostly midrange, and a bit of treble that the amp is missing. I always keep the tone press and eq on, they are a permanent fixture and I use them for tone shaping.


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I have the original grey box version (3 knobs and BlackFace only) in front of my Pro Jr. It does exactly as described....turning this simple one tone control tweed sounding amp into a balckface sounding amp.

One of the best purchases ever!!!

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