How do shipping companies manage to bend rack ears?


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I had a Mesa 2:90 shipped to me and one side of the rack ears are bent. I tried bending back but I need t get it in a vise. If I can hardly move it with vise grips how the hell did they manage to bend it so bad? The seller pics showed the ears were straight, other than that it works are sounds great.


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By dropping on its side, and in packaging that allowed the amp to shift inside. Same has happened to me. Very frustrating.


Don't use a vise grip. Go buy a C-Clamp at home depot and that'll do a nicer job. I bought a vintage unit and it was damaged because the seller didn't do a good job packing it. I used my C-Clamp with a towel and as I was turning the clamp piece, the ear was straightening quite nicely.


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In my experience, it has more been a question about "how is it possible for some sellers to do such poor packaging job? One is aware that a package can be dropped or shocked during transport right?".:facepalm

I concur, very frustrating to receive some damage gear. I stopped counting the number of rack units that arrived with some chassis / panel / ear damage, mostly due to poor packaging.
Rack units are some of the more touchy to protect well for shipment if you don't have a factory box, as they are often heavy, rack ears can easily cut trough packaging material if not secured well, and have plenty of exposed fragile knobs & switches on the panels.
That means you have to get a proper & big enough sturdy box, with dense enough inner packing material, tightly fit the chassis of the unit without any pressure on the fragile panel parts nor ears, so that it can absorb shocks & vibration but still can't move in the box and the rack ears & panels can't see any direct shock if anything happens to the box.
A power amp is even more heavy and at risk; dropping a 10 kg+ rack unit from 1m height is for sure enough energy to bent any part of the chassis...

The C-clamp + protection cloth method suggested above is good, take your time and if it's only a bent rack ear it can be made good enough again.
That being said, if your power amp was dropped hard enough to bent a ear I'd check the inside before attempting any power-up.

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