How do the EVH Striped Series compare to the US/Japanese Charvels?


There is a local music store that is trying to get off their feet and wants to trade a new EVH Striped Series (or maybe even an import EVH Wolfgang if I wanted one) for a Music Man Silhouette I've been trying to sell/trade for a little while.

I know they don't have as much in their EVH as I'm asking cash for my guitar, but I'm not too concerned about that. I have played my friends Japanese made Pro Mod I think it is and dig the guitar, and would probably love it if I could set it up to my personal tastes, but I'm curious how the EVH Stripes series guitars compare comfort wise, component quality wise, fret job/fit and finish wise, etc to the US or Japanese made Charvels?


I played one of the Striped Series and really liked it. It seemed as comfortable as my old '80s model 2 Charvel.. Although the one I tried out, I would probably do something with the "raw" neck.. A little "rough".. Maybe sand it down and seal or wax it, like EBMM does with their unfinished necks on my EBMM EVH and Axis.. I also owned a couple of EBMM Silhouette's, 24 frets with Floyd Rose on both of them. I can't decide if I liked the Striped Series more than the Silhouette as far as "feel"..

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