How do you get your lead tone?!?!


Pete Cornish "Tone ladder"

Clean amp ST-2, edge break up CC-1, SS-2 for most rhythm and G-2 for cutting thru leads. Coolest thing is I can have em all on and not make mud pies, sound remains clear as a bell, the EQ on the CC-1 really helps glue stuff together and the ST-2 just make sit that much better :) I have an NG-3 as well for nasty bits...


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Mesa Tremoverb > Vintage or Blues Hi-Gain > Boss DD500 and Source Ventris in the loop. Antelope Morning Dew EQ at the front for boost.

For lead tone with pedals into the clean channel, it's usually an Ethos TWE-1, Bogner Blue Mini or a Revv G4 depending on the music, and sometimes a Caroline Olympia for fuzz lead tones.

EHX Ring Thing with a Source Audio EXP pedal for octave stuff or Tom Morello-ish things (which I suck at, generally - compared to him).

Also, a VStack BHM, for a gorgeous high gain Vox tone - but I don't keep it on the board due to it being noisy and generally unreliable. I'd like to find a replacement for that vibe. I tried a Menatone TBIAC and a D.A.M. DD30 but neither did it for me compared to the VStack.
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