How do you guys/gals cycle guitars?

Was thinking about this today. I've got a medium sized collection of instruments. Most get gigged and some are the only guitar I use with projects. Others end up getting swapped out from time to time. I've got an indie rock band that I gig/record with the most - that one gets a Novo Serus J for everything. I front an alt-country band and I use a Nash Strat and a 72' Reissue Tele for that one. Other than that instruments get swapped in and out.

I've got about 10 electrics currently and each one has a purpose. But for home goofing I generally grab the Nash Strat when just sitting around and noodling. It's probably my most used practice instrument too. I do throw the Novo into the practice mix but that's about it for round the house playing. All other guitars are used for specific gigs.

Is this the normal way to do it? Do you guys try to rotate your home players more often? If you're not gigging do you feel compelled to try and rotate more frequently or are you cool, like me, with the home use rut?

Not looking to change my approach, just wondered how you guys decide which guitar to pick up is all.
There is no "one correct" way in anything about music, so rest easy there.
Apologies if I signaled that this was a heavy topic for me. This post is pure curiosity and I'm not looking to distill the process down to anything but what it is: Each persons individual thought process on which guitar to pick up.


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I do it. I have four ATM, one becomes primary right after I decide to change strings and the previous string changed one becomes “next” or the backup. I routinely rotate which one gets new strings and it keeps from getting bored with a single guitar. This practice has prevented GAS! :aok


All depends on my mood for the day. Some days I feel like playing some blues inspired riffs and grab the strat. Some days I want to play driven, punchy rock riffs and grab the tele. Some days I want to relive my teens and grab the shredder. List goes on, but you get the idea.

David Garner

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I have 3 main guitars, 2 LPs and a Strat. I have a Tele that I gig when I need to play slide, but I'm going to set it back to standard tuning and play it more.

I choose the guitars that work for the songs we're playing for a particular gig. Most days, that's the LPs. The singer in my band plays a Telecaster, so I don't want my Telecaster doubling his tones, and the Strat is great, but still too similar for most of what we do. I break it out for cleaner songs, and I use the 2/4 or neck only positions to give some sonic contrast.


Mine get rotated pretty often. I have 2 Floyds - 1 in E, the other Eb - Charvel San Dimas Style 1 (has tapped coils) and an LP. What I use depends on what I want to play and that varies quite a bit, so they all see a fair share of rotation. The least played right now is the LP because the Charvel is the newest and an absolute beast with the humbuckers.


5 electrics at the moment. I'm in a weird spot because one is very new (and therefore I'm playing it the most) and my #1 is in the shop. So, right now, mostly just the new one with a brief touch on the others so they don't feel bad, ha. In more regular circumstances, I tend to favor my #1 and #2 heavily and play the others when I'm looking for inspiration or when they're more situationally appropriate for a specific song.

So I would say, before I got my new one and before my #1 went in the shop, it broke down probably something like this:

Tele: 45%
Les Paul: 35%
Supro: 10%
Strat: 10%

But right now it's more like this:

LP Jr: 80%
Tele: 10%
Supro: 5%
Strat: 5%
Les Paul: 0% :(


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In the front room, I have a pair of 330s and a pair of 335s - I don't really rotate or alternate them but generally one of each is tuned to Eb. And a Byrdland if I want to look like a grown up, which is rare if I'm honest... my front room acoustic I do cycle through, there's a couple of old Gibsons and a Martin I rotate every couple of months.

In the music room, it's mainly recording stuff I do in there so or comes down to what suits the project. I have defaults, so if I don't know what I'm doing it's either a Gretsch or an ES355, but otherwise I think about what would suit the recording and start pulling out guitars.

For gigs, I just use my heather ES330. I occasionally think about taking a 335 out, but the 330 is such a good guitar and it weighs much less which is nicer on my gammy shoulder, so really I don't feel the need to rotate the gig guitar.


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I don't gig so selection is mostly based on mood. I get on kicks where I only play single coils for a week or stick to wraparounds or realize I can't remember the last time I played a certain one so grab it.


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I keep 4 guitars on stands in my music room, every week or two, I will start to rotate other guitars in, usually changing strings first, and have them at the ready. Sometimes I will get stuck on one or two particular guitars and play them while ignoring the others, but other times I will go through everything on my rack at least once per week.


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I have nine electrics; a modest collection relative to many others here. And I only have that many because I play in E standard, drop D, drop C, C standard, drop B, and drop A. It's nice to have guitars dedicated to specific tunings. So... I cycle through guitars not so much based on the guitar, per se, but more so the tuning (and what I feel like playing).


I keep one guitar at a time typically, and I play it 100% of the time until I want to try something different. Then I sell the one I have and buy the new one.

I’ve been through a lot and tried a lot. My tastes change and I don’t really like having more than one at a time.

Usually it ends up being something versatile that gets me close enough when I want a Tele sound or LP sound, whatever.


Interest in the moment. Use I think it would play in what I am doing. Sometimes... I have not used this one in a while I should.

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