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How do you know when its time to move a guitar??...or amp for that matter as well..


I have 9 guitars...but only really play 3 or 4 regularly ....some of the ones I don't play are discontinued models that I feel I might regret...same as a couple of amps that collect dust....when do you know its time to move em out?? Btw every 5 years I go through this with gear ughh...maybe in a couple of years the stuff I don't play now will become number 1s?? Crazy right


Double Platinum Member
If a guitar doesn't make you want to play when you pick it up, what's the point of keeping it? If there's a chance I'll regret moving a guitar & it's not commonly available, I wouldn't sell it. That said, I'm a junkie & would have twice as many but for my budget :dunno :aok


Gold Supporting Member
I only move gear when GAS urges me to.
If a guitar has been sitting unused for a long time and would fetch a decent amount it's going, but first I would ask myself why it's not being used. A good setup or a change of pickups could make it a far more frequently used instrument.
However, I've sold quite a few guitars over the years and I regret many of them today.
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When you’re unsure then make no decisions as decisions made during times of procrastination or indecisiveness will almost always be wrong and leave you with regret.

Believe me, these are very wise words of advice and is what I live by.

Alan Dunn

I got rid of a Strat and a Les Paul this year because neither of them were getting regular use.
I replaced them with a Super Strat with active EMG's and a floyd rose.
For me it made sense as I have less guitars in total yet they cover more genres and styles.


The last guitar I acquired is a Tele Thinline with TV Jones Pickups. It's nice to play and sounds great. I played it almost exclusively for around three months. Now, I find I hardly ever pick it up. I can't really say why. It's going to get sold or traded at some point.

The last amp I sold was a Cornford Roadhouse combo. When I got it I thought it was the best sounding amp I'd ever owned. I gigged it for over five years. Eventually I just got bored with it and wanted something different.


Silver Supporting Member
I tried doing the “one of each” thing, but there are just some instruments I can’t bond with. As another poster mentioned, if I’m not inspired to play as soon as I pick it up then it’s got to go. I’ve now got three electrics that I rotate regularly; just sold a fourth that never left its case.


I've always been the type that turns over gear every so often. In the last year I've cut my guitar stash in half by selling a lot of really good guitars. A lot of them were guitars I bought because of rarity or looks. They all played well and sounded great, but they weren't my best guitars. So far, no regrets at all, as I still have my favorite guitars and now I don't feel guilty for playing the others and having the great ones sit unplayed.

Lt Dak

Silver Supporting Member
I started the year with 12 guitars and currently have 6. I bought and sold throughout the year, but the shift toward less was really spurred by our wildfire evacuation this summer. I detached from "stuff" and fully expected it was going to burn.

When I got back, I asked myself what was "cool to own" vs "enjoyable to play" and started selling. There's nothing wrong with collecting, but I am not a collector.

I used proceeds to purchase a more expensive guitar that I love playing, as well as funding maintenance (pickups/frets) on a couple longtime keepers.


I'm going through the same thing right now. Trying to consolidate everything to a few nice pieces that I can really bond with. A few things I feel like I will never get back, but they also aren't the things I want most, and I have more financial freedom these days. I could keep everything, but I wind up giving everything some time "just because". Is the "irreplaceable" really so?
What I think I (and maybe you) need to do, is go to a shop and just play everything that catches your eye or interest. I went to a shop last week and played like 20 telecasters. The one I picked was so far different from the ones I have been lusting after, and what I thought I wanted on paper. When I picked up the one I bought, all the specs and aesthetics went out the window. It sounded the best by far, and played the best (or at least close) as well.
Now when I play that guitar, I know it's a good one! It's only been a few days, so take it with a grain of salt, but its more satisfying than things I have ordered online based on the color, rarity, and spec sheet. I know that now is an awful time for this strategy and your area (like mine) could be terrible for getting your hands on a lot of quality gear.


Silver Supporting Member
There's also the other end, where GAS comes in for a new guitar - so I sell a good guitar, thinking I will get a GREAT and even BETTER one!


Silver Supporting Member
If I'm not playing it or don't have a context to play it, I'm likely to move it on.

Just waiting for this pandemic to clear out and then evaluate a couple of guitars and amps, and more than a handful of effects.

Tim Plains

Senior Member
Not touching a guitar for three months is my cut off point for when to sell one. Amps, not sure, I just sell when I feel it doesn't wow me anymore.


Senior Member
There's also the other end, where GAS comes in for a new guitar - so I sell a good guitar, thinking I will get a GREAT and even BETTER one!
This is me. But I'm at the point where the guitars I could part with now won't go far in subsidizing what I want. The more expensive ones I'm enjoying too much to let go, and I chose them for very good reasons.


I was in this position a few years ago, nine guitars (7 electrics, 1 bass, 1 acoustic) and four amps (3 heads, 1 small combo). I just realized that I always felt most comfortable using just a couple of them and they covered 90% of what I wanted to play. No regrets, if you aren't using them now you won't miss them.

Member 37136

I think that guilt over having an unused guitar or amp sometimes hurries us into action that we regret later. I’m all about reducing things down to the essentials, but I’ve only heard of people regretting selling gear, never keeping it. If you haven’t used something in a year, give it another six months.

Steve Hotra

Gold Supporting Member
I own 7 guitars.
My Gretsch Black Falcon and Jazzmaster are seeing a lot of playing time.
I don't need to see my Tele B bender, or my Gibson 335.
My PRS 277 SE hasn't seen any playing time at all.
I might sell, but I love the sound of a semi hollow baritone.
I haven't bought a guitar in two years.

Bonus: I was gifted a 1962 Martin Nylon guitar this month.
Its nice to have a nylon folk guitar again

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