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How do you manufacture a fun rapport with the audience?


What context? What type of band are you referring to? Top 40? Original material? Solo Singer/Songwriter? Very different approach for each type of musical act.


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For starters, try not to say things like "manufacture a fun rapport."
This sounds like "Chapter 4: How To Fake Like You Are Caring And Sincere" from that Tom Cruise incel seminar in "Magnolia".
Those I have seen with the best rapport have always been genuinely interested and engaging.
Otherwise, it is probably best to just introduce the song and skip your witty repartee.
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Everyone wants some magic formula for the best songs to play and how to behave on stage. There is no formula.


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Maybe find some videos of live performers who were good at that. My guess it’s kind of like comedians who have bits to work from. You can even steal some of these if the performers are obscure enough. I used to hang out on the NYC punk scene decades ago and some people were particularly good at yacking with the crowd. Patti Smith would look right at me and ask questions. David Johansson was always great between songs.

When I was a touring musician I was just lead guitarists and didn’t have to talk to the audience much, I had a singer for that. But I still picked up stage craft from from people like Iggy Pop and Johnny Thunders. Those guys were always very theatrical in their own ways.

My suggestion if you want to get good at that kind of thing study people who were good at it. YouTube is your friend. Though I’m sure there are young performers out there now that are good at it also, go to live shows and pickup what you can. Though ultimately like a good actor, you have to learn to be yourself and comfortable in front of people.
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