How do you read chicklet capacitors?


I'm trying to follow a schematic for my marshall Super bass and I'm not sure how to read the little yellow caps.

one says .47/10/250.........I'm guessing the first is the value, the last is the voltage, but what is the middle...a multiplier?

any help is greatly appreciated..

BTW..this is one weird amp....1/2 Super bass..1/2 SL with some stuff just not on the board....very weird.

thanks paul


You guessed the first and last correctly. The middle number is the cap's tolerance, in percent. So what you described is a 0.47uF 250 volt cap with 10% tolerance. The actual measured value of the cap should lie somewhere within the range 0.423uF (0.47 - 10%) and 0.517uF (0.47 + 10%).

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