How does a power amp translate into a vibrating speaker?


Electricity can be quite abstract when not understood.

How does a power amp translate into a vibrating speaker and how does that become the terminal point for the electricity (called a load?).

I ask as a novice, and what I would appreciate is talking to me in non electrical terminology as much as you can, use analogies perhaps. Just keep it in everyday common language please.

Thanks, have fun.


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The electricity travels through a coil which creates a magnetic field. This attracts or repels the cone of the speaker towards or away from the magnet placed behind the cone. This causes the cone to move backwards and forwards in the frame it's suspended in. The motion of the cone pushes and pulls the air causing a wave to occur that moves our ear drums. The motion of our eardrums causes a small electrical signal that our brain converts in to sound.

The faster the speaker moves in and out, the higher the frequency of wave it's creating (the higher the tone you hear). The further the speakers moves in and out the louder the the sound you hear (the bigger the amplitude of the sound wave).
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