How does B Hefner compare to USACG?


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More specifically, their Strat bodies. Anyone compared the B Hefners against USACG's (wood quality, comfortability etc.) and which do you prefer?


ive never used anything from B Hefners (dont think ive even heard of them) but, USACG stuff has been absolutely top notch perfect every time. great wood, great craftsmanship.


Hefner can do the historical body profiles for the strats.
50's, 60's.
The only real complaint has been he is slow on delivery.
Several guys over at ReRanch have bought bodies from Bernie.
But, without a doubt he needs to improve his business practices.
He will charge your card right away then take 5 weeks or longer before you get the goods.


Necro bump...why because it is better than making a new thread :)

So I just got my Hefner neck after ordering it back in April.
The contours coming off the back flat bolt on section of the neck to the carved area are totally different on each side.
There are also a few divots in the back that were there before and they obviously said screw it and left them and figured sanding it would get rid of them...unreal.
Also the BIGGEST piss off of all is I ordered a maple neck/board and they laminated a piece of maple on top of the maple neck I.E. not one piece?

Who charges $200+ for a custom neck and gets cheap and puts a laminated maple board on a maple neck?
Only cheap guitars use maple on maple IMO.
I waited almost 4 months for this?
Shoulda bought an Allparts neck...I would recommend not to touch Hefner necks.
I have 2 Tele bodies that are quite nice however.


I bought one neck from Hefner and the truss rod was loose/Rattled inside the neck. They wouldn't do anything about it being they have no warranty for custom necks. Aren't all of their necks custom?? The fretwork was pretty bad too, for the price Allparts all the way or something from the USACG web special bin.

I have finished 2 Hefner strat bodies and they were okay. Some seem to have better luck than others.


Good info.
Do they use 1 piece maple for maple necks?
USACG gives you the choice of a 2 piece maple neck (1/4" maple fret board on maple neck) or a 1 piece maple neck with a skunk stripe for a modest upcharge.
I really don't mind the 2 piece maple neck and take the savings.


Last year I ordered two alder bodies from USACG and Hefner. One body to replace a swampash body and another one for a new Strat.

Both bodies were great. The Hefner just sung when you tapped it. Maybe I got lucky. Matched the resonance of the bodies to each neck, both are 2 very good Strats now.

The USACG pickup routing etc look cleaner/better than the Hefner.

The ordering experience (advice, phone and email contact) with USACG was better too.
Hefner has gotten bad reviews for years.

Warmoth necks are really nice, and USACG bodies and necks are unmatched in quality. As good as Warmoth necks/fretwork are, USACG is consistently better and I've ordered a dozen or more from each.

Plus, Tommy and Company, man, you would be hard pressed to find nicer people, people willing to try and to deliver just the best.


I bought a Hefner neck on recommendation from a friend who had worked with Bernie.

Big mistake.

I got the neck...finally...and not only did the trussrod rattle but the 21st fret was in the wrong place (22 fret neck)!!!

I sent it back and they addressed those issues but when I went to install the old style Wilkinson nut, that I bought from them, the nut shelf was cut wrong. They said the Wilki was the same as a Floyd, but I guess not.

My advice is to stay away from B Hefner.

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