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How Does the Voodoo Labs VIBE compare???


It sounds real good but the d@mn switches are crap. My VL Chorus, Microvibe, Proctavia have all gone back, and the chorus and mv are both going back for the 3rd time! They' great about fixing them at no charge but its a pain to ship them at my expense! when they get fixed this time i'm going to have to ditch'em........Sorry Voodoo Lab. I dig your pedals but man!!!!

Don A

Gold Supporting Member
I replaced the switch in my Voodoo Lab Tremolo with a Carling 316PP DPDT switch. The new switch isn't PCB mounted so I ran leads between it and the board.

I'm sure I'll have no more problems with it.


Silver Supporting Member
To others like the KR Musical Products and Mojo Vibe?
I owned the VL and ended up with the Mojo Vibe.
The difference for me is the dimension of the sound. The VL is somewhat two dimensional and stiff compared to the Sweetsound which is lush and liquid and 3D. The Mojo Vibe also has an underrated authentic pitch vibrato setting which makes it two pedal in one.


My fellow Canuk, keep your eyes peeled for a used one without an LED. The early ones also have a mini-phone jack adaptor out instead of the standard barrel plug, and you're not gonna want to run it on batteries.

The old one's switches aren't mounted to the board - My Proctavia's been stomped on a zillion times & it's still fine.

The 'Vibe I traded in years ago when I got a Sweetsound UltraVibe. The VoodooLab pedal's pretty good, but A/B'd against the Ultra, there was no comparison. I'd imagine the KR's also in the same league.

I actually liked the sound of the little Danelectro ChickenSalad as much as MicroVibe, but the Dano's very fragile & you'd need to put it in a loop because the buffer's a real tone-sucker.

If you're just getting your feet wet, and don't want to commit a lot of money, tho', you can't go wrong with the Chicken Salad. I paid around $40 CDN for mine. The guy I gave it to a few years back says it's still holding up fine.

Have you considered a MojoVibe? The late Bob Sweet's wife, Barbara, is still building them. No long waiting list, IFAIK. If my Ultra ever goes down, that's the route I'll be going..

*****EDIT******Just read what Tweeker wrote above. I agree %110. Couldn't have said it better, myself..
i have a VL vibe and like it just fine. no problems, and sounds good, it is my first vibe pedal though. got it used for about $100, good deal.


i have one from when i used to play a lot of effects about 10 years ago. Back at it, i hadnt considered it for my arsenal this go around, but it's sitting around so ill add it, see what it does. If its a texture i think i'll like or use regulalrly, ill upgrade it.

I remember wishing the effect had been more pronounced and that it ate batteries pretty quickly.


I've had all three. I would rank them: 1)Mega 2)Micro Vibe 3) Mojo. In other words the Micro is really good, and they are inexpensive.


One thing that is important to note is that the Micro Vibe is not true bypass. At least, mine isn't. I can hear it even when it is off.
Micro Vibe is impossible to go wrong for the $$$ dough and there's some really good Mods to make them as good as anything else out there on the market.


Here is a response to your Microvibne, and a couple of others.....
The Microvibe really, really colored the sound, and as Daniel at the gigrig says, it is a one trick pony.... I sold it.
T-Rex Viper (kind of weak and unresponsive-but almost colorless)
Lovepedal Vibe (crap-just junk-really bad experience)
Retro-Sonic Chorus, vibe is lush-little top end dullness, but can be lived with because the vibe is so good.
Option 5 Destination Rotation is incredibly lush, fast and slow speeds with a built in OD pedal that works very nicely.
1980's Arion SCH-1 pedal that is very sweet, lot of the Nashville guys use this unit-about the only thing Arion nailed.
Hope that helps (I am a vibe junkie)
Thanks. I have a KR Musical Products Megavibe which is great, I just got curious about the Microvibe because of the price and it had the basic features that I needed.


So the Micro Vibe colours the sound?
Isn't it an effect? I am just wondering because I have never had one and I would actually expect it to colour the sound, I mean, that is what effects do?


not necessarily.

some effects do have a certain color to their sound ( the midrange boost of a tube screamer design, analog modulated delays, for example) that become sought after if you want that shade. As another example, EQs are made to color (or color correct) the sound. On the other hand, people might equally pursue transparency: the clear accruacy of digital delays, for example, or a really transparent overdrive that preserves your guitar 's tone. sometimes you pursue both for different textures and uses.

the MV ate huge gaping irregular chunks across the lower 2/3 of the guitar frequency spectrum in a rather unpleasant way, even when i dialed it to stand-still settings. On another thread, somebody said it may have to do with where it was in the signal path, so im willing to give it another go. That may be an effect you like, but my focus for using a vibe is the throb and swirl its designed to impart, and i want a vibe that will do that and leave my guitars tonal output relatively the same.

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