How good is the Digitech Timebender?


It looks like they can be had for around 200 on ebay, how does it compare to Line 6 delays or Strymon in quality. What did Digitech replace the Timebender with since it is discontinued? Do they have an updated delay of the same quality?


I miss mine so much. I had to trade it for a spare amp a few years ago to take on tour. It is the best delay pedal I've ever played. The octave delays alone blew my mind. I'm gonna get one again if I ever have the cash.


It's a very powerful delay with a ****-ton of options. I kinda regret selling mine. Extremely versatile. Hard to compare it to a Strymon Timeline but it blows Line6 away. The prices I see them go for now... pounce on one if you have an opportunity. Worth it.


This delay never got much traction around here, or elsewhere it seems. Under the radar type of pedal? I think so.

The Vox Delay Lab is pretty cool, and even cheaper. That said, I still like the delays on my little M5, and it's quite cheap to boot. Can be modded to sound better, with better switches, etc. I haven't done that yet, but have been tempted to.


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Never used one but saw it on Nashville session ace Troy Lancaster's board


The Timebender does things no other delay can, imo.
The DelayLab and M5 can't do what the Timebender can do (though no doubt they are great units).

It's the only pedal I actually miss, and I will definitely be getting another one down the track.
The only downside for me, is it's power consumption - 1300mA. This won't work with people who want to run everything from the one power supply unit.
It does come with it's own power supply though.

The upsides however are plentiful.

It has a crystal clear, pristine delay - once a digital delay has an absolute carbon copy repeat of what you just played, then I don't believe you can get any higher quality than that.
You can get better sounding delays, or delays that might decay more naturally etc etc, but for a digital delay, when the repeat is an exact replica of what you just played, it's pristine, and the Timebender offers that.

It's also got numerous other delays that all sound great, really, but they are outperformed by other pedals, even Digitech's own Hardwire DL-8 has nicer sounding delays in my opinion.

It's also got tonnes of awesome features I'm sure you're aware of, that set it apart from everything else including their own DL-8, such as harmonised delays, awesome envelope thingy (does some sick tremolo stuff), DIY delays (you can strum in whatever rhythm you want, and your delays will come out to that rhythm - VERY COOL).. eh, there's loads and loads that it offers..

It's an unashamedly digital unit, definitely doesn't pretend it's not - it's not for anyone trying to have a natural sound at all. It's absolutely digital.
Whether this is good or not is totally up to you.

The Hardwire DL-8 IMO is perhaps a better unit for pure delay quality (not the pristine repeats thing.. tape, lo-fi, etc etc.. the other modes).. but it's totally not a replacement for the Timebender in any way shape or form. It can't add half of what the Timebender can add to your sound.

It has so many cool things to offer, I feel that alone makes it a superior unit to the DL-8, which I believe sounds better.

As for comparisons to Line 6 delays, well sound quality wise, I'd probably find them both to be equal. Line 6's delays are fantastic, as are the Timebenders - the Line 6 can probably sound a little more natural with it's analog + mod mode, but the Timebender honestly isn't about trying to sound authentic or real.
It's about taking you into the digital sea, which it does so well.
You can easily get lost playing with the Timebender.

I can't compare it to any Strymon delays as I've never played one - but from what I can gather, they aren't attempting to do the same things.

There's honestly no competitor to the Timebender - it does things others can't do, and it doesn't even try to compete with the others in some areas - like trying to sound authentic.

I for one absolutely loved it, as you can probably tell - but if you're after a natural sounding delay, totally look elsewhere.

It hasn't been replaced by Digitech, though they do have the Hardwire DL-8 which is a more pleasant sounding delay - but it has way less features and can't do any of the trippy stuff the Timebender can (still, the DL-8 is awesome).

I think the Timebender is best used in tandem with a real analog delay or at least a digital delay that offers better warmer/darker sounds, as then you have all bases covered - including bases you never even knew existed.

Some S.S.Bender bloke will rock up here eventually and try to slag it off, but he's just wrong, tbh.
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