How hard to convert a combo amp into 112 cab

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I was looking for a 110 or 112 speaker cab for my rack unit, but couldn't find anything for under $125 (it's just for practice, and I'm not a I wanted something cheap). I'd love to just buy a speaker and build my own...but I lack the necessary woodworking tools.
However, I found a Peavey combo amp with a 12" Black Widow speaker in great condition for $40.

My question difficult would it be to bypass the onboard electronics and convert it into a speaker cab for my existing amp? Could it be done on the cheap?

What exactly would I need (other than a 1/4" jack for the rear)?


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You can do it even easier than that. Just buy or make a speaker cable with a 1/4" plug on one end, regular speaker clips on the other, then attach the clip ends to the speaker and connect the plug end to your head.

You can either completely remove the Peavey's amp from the cab or just disconnect the speaker cable that runs from the Peavey to the speaker.

And if the speaker in the Peavey isn't hard wired to the amp and already has a 1/4" plug on one side, you can just unplug the 1/4" end from the amp and if the cable is already long enough, run it to your head, and if the cable isn't long enough, just use a 1/4" coupler to let you extend it with another standard 1/4" - 1/4" speaker cable.

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