How have I changed?


So years ago I discovered Sonny Rollins (well he existed long before I heard of him.. but you know what I mean.) Listened to the The Bridge and ... meh...

As I got into jazz guitar I discovered Jim Hall and.. hey.. he plays on The Bridge. Listened to it and .. meh...

Then a couple of nights ago I read an interview with John Abercrombie talking about The Bridge. Listed to it and... not bad!!

I dont actual know anything by JohnA so it isnt idol worship but I am just wondering how it is that suddenly (suddenly as in I didnt listen to it over and over trying to get into it) I dig an album that normally would sit on a shelf and do nothing more than impress the ladies (if that).

Anyone else have this happen to them?


The older I get the more I appreciate music that I didn't years before. For example, it took about 15 yrs before Lynard Skynard grew on me.

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