How long do Keeley 808 mods take?


Thanks Jon. Would you recommend doing the mod yourself to a medium solder skilled human?

if you can hold a solder and get in and out quick with the heat. . . you can do it. solder-sucking is sort of an art, if you ask me. i can't actually hold a solder because of tremors in my hands. .. so the dough they charge is just fine with me. i've learned that my mate is very handy with the gun, but i have to wait for him to come around and be in the mood. i charge 50 bucks and hour for guitar lessons. . . and getting ME to do it would look super-sloppy and take MORE than an hour. . . so it's worth it to ME to pay someone ELSE to do it.

the SILVER mod that AM does would take me FOREVER. . . let alone tracking down those parts. . . and trying to fit those huge, i mean HUGE caps in there. 75 bucks is steep on that one. . . if I had to do it again, i'd find one used. . . but I'd do it again. . . if someone ELSE could do it for me.

hope that helps. . .


Yeah, that totally helps. I think I'll send it off since there is a good chance I'll mod the Turbo and it requires much more work.
I have both the ts-9 and the turbo, it just seemed I'd have more options with the 4 modes for the turbo. Anyone have experience with the difference? Of course I could very well end up doing both.
Thanks to all.

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