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How Long Til "Break in"?


Silver Supporting Member
Got my Fender Deluxe VM today. I'll post a review here pretty quick. Sounds pretty tight right now, before I draw too many conclusions, how long does it usually take until speaker loosens up, tubes etc? Thanks,


Silver Supporting Member
give it a good 100 hours, and everything in the amp will inprove for the better :AOK


I don't think speaker break-in a myth.

I recently had one of my speakers reconed, a Celestion G12 Alnico from '67 with a Vox/JMI label. It sounded good right out of the box, but something changed during the first 5 to 10 hours. The treble became less harsh and I think I hear a little more low end, too. I even recorded some before/after clips (which I will share at some point) using the same settings, same signal path, etc.

The speaker has maybe 25 hours on it now (at band volume, that is) and I don't think much has changed since the initial break-in I just described.


I have no idea about the technical aspects but I can definitely say that my little Gibson GA-5 sounds very very different after a couple of hundred hours of playing time. Whether that's speaker break in or tubes changing their specs or whatever, I don't know. I do know the amp sounds warmer, fuller and much less brittle.


break in a myth LOL, the speaker surround has to lossen up, it could be done at the factory since most amps are tested for a day or so, or it may not,

the lack of bass is generally a sign of a speaker that needs to be broken in, my experience with home speakers that I build is its a major change, the woofer sounds like a tweeter before its broken in.

as far as how long, until the speaker gets its bass, usually a few hours if I drive it hard. longer if I don't, some people claim 100s of hours, really have not seen that its more than a day,


anyone else on this topic? I've had some speakers sound middy and boxy then break in after x amount of time, the bass and hi's came in nicely. I'm hoping the Emi RW&B does that, otherwise, it's out@!!

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