How many amps have you owned so far and which do you still own today?

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  1. Jp267

    Jp267 Member

    Apr 12, 2018

    Marshall jcm600
    Marshall 2525h
    Orange Dual Terror
    Orange Micro Terror
    Orange Crush 30? I think
    Laney Ironheart 60
    Rivera M60 210
    Fender Champion 100
    Fender Mustang IV v.2

    Prior a bunch of crap. Lol
  2. brockmann

    brockmann Member

    Oct 16, 2013
    -Crappy Fender amp that came with my Squier starter pack (first guitar/amp)
    -Peavey Rage 158
    -Peavey Delta Blues 15”
    -Vox Valvetronix 120 Watt half stack
    -Vox Night Train
    -Top Hat King Royale
    -Marshall 1959SLP

    Still Using:
    -Marshall 1962 (Bluesbreaker)
    -Marshall Class 5
    -Smokey Amp
    -Orange Micro Crush
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  3. logdrum

    logdrum Member

    Sep 12, 2013
    Albuquerque, New Mexico/San Diego CA
    I want so simplify as soon as possible: I just realized I have owned too many. I also do not have any Ampegs. Did not foresee that.


    Mesa Mark IIB
    Mesa Mark III Red Stripe
    Mesa D-180
    Ampeg SVT CL
    Roland JC-120
    Peavey Classic 120
    Mesa Tremoverb
    Fender Twin Re-Issue
    Ampeg VL-503
    Marshall Vintage Modern Combo
    Ampeg Reverberocket
    Mesa Subway 44
    Peavey 50/50
    Mesa 2/20
    Fender SF Twin (late 70's)
    Mesa TA30

    Mesa Maverick

    Current Playing - Once I get back to NM will pare these down except for bass amps

    NM: (My son uses these also specially the bass and acoustic amps)
    Mesa Heartbreaker
    Mesa Mark IV Head (May sell or keep stored)
    Bass: SWR Bass-350 & Mesa 4:88 into Carvin and Acme Cabs
    Acoustic and Keys: Fishman Loudbox Artist

    THD Univalve (May sell)
    Frenzel Super Deluxe - 25 watts with Octal preamps
    Acoustic and Keys: Fishman loudbox Mini
    Bass: Carvin B1000 into EA 1X12 cab
    Power Station 1 (I use this also as an amp for bass or guitar)

    In Storage or may sell
    AC30 TBX
    1968 Fender BandMaster Reverb head.
    Mesa 400+
    Mesa Blue Angel Head ( I need to send to Mesa to get rid of the idle Whoosh or just sell)
    VHT D-60 got this one very cheap, the tubes alone cost more than what I paid for.
  4. Hulakatt

    Hulakatt Supporting Member

    Mar 25, 2010
    Still have the bolded amps but thinking of selling the Ampeg Jet and the Gibson GA-5. Might sell the jtm45 and build another Marshall head but might not. Might just build another anyway :D

    Ampeg B-15
    Ampeg Jet J12D
    Ampeg Jet RI

    Fender Blues Jr
    Fender SF Bandmaster
    Fender Bassman (several SF variants)
    Fender SF Vibrolux Reverb
    Fender SF Twin Reverb (2x)

    Gibson GA-5 RI

    Marshall DSL201

    Silvertone 1484

    Sovtek MiG50

    Soultone/Marshall 2061
    Marsh 5e3
    Triode Electronics Black Flag jtm50
    Valvestorm jtm45
    Weber 5f1
    Triode Electronics/Boothill/mutt 5f1 monster

  5. Pretzmidtown

    Pretzmidtown Member

    Jul 22, 2013
    Memphis, TN
    DRRI '65

    PRRI '65
    Katana 100 Combo
    Peavey Classic 30
    Super Champ x2 (Briefly)
    Fender 65R (First Real Amp)
  6. GravityJim

    GravityJim Member

    Aug 31, 2016
    Ampeg VT-22, Deluxe Reverb, Pro Reverb, Marshall 50-watt head, G-K solid state, Trace-Elliot Velocette, Blues Jr., Eganater Rebel, Egnater Tweaker, various modelers & software amps. I know I’m forgetting some oddball I used to have... damn aging brain, anyhow.

    Current: Fuchs ODS 50. It makes every sound I like, so I can’t justify having others.
  7. rawkguitarist

    rawkguitarist Member

    Apr 14, 2004
    Carol Ann Tucana 3 - custom 6L6 60 watt version, with a Forte 3D 1x12
    Dr. Z KT45 and 2x12 Z open back cab
    Dr. Z Z28 1x12 combo
    Dr. Z M12 1x10 combo
    Roland Micro Cube

    Headstrong Lil King
    TopHat Club Royale 2x12
    TopHat Club Royale 1x12
    TopHat Ambassador 50
    TopHat Prince Royale
    Matchless Hurricane
    Marshall 1971 50 watt 1987 model
    Marshall JCM900 mkIII 2500 w/reissue 4x12 with Greenbacks
    Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 50 watt 1x12 combo
    Marshall 30th Anniversary Head
    ADA MP1 Preamp
    Peavey Rockmaster Preamp
    Peavey VTM60
    Some Crate 50 watt solid state head
    Crate 15 watt solid state combo amp (bought with my first guitar).

    I think that's it... I'm pretty sure I'm done with the top 5 amps.
  8. guitarsenal

    guitarsenal Silver Supporting Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    westchester county, ny
    Univox U65
    Peavey Peavey Classic VT 50 (70's version with built in phase shifter)
    Peavey Practice Amp (don't remember model)
    Fender 65 Reissue Twin Reverb
    Mesa Boogie Rack: 20/20 Stereo Power Amp and V-Twin Preamp/Mesa Boogie 1x12 cubes (one open/one closed)
    Bogner Duende
    Dr Z Maz 18 NR head/Dr Z 2x10 cab
    '59 Champ
    '72 Princeton
    Top Hat Club Deluxe
    Bruno Cow Tipper 22
  9. De Batz

    De Batz Member

    Nov 13, 2015
    I'm in!

    Park G10 Practice Amp
    Peavey Studio Pro
    Peavey Triumph 120
    Fender Prosonic
    Laney LC15R (this was silver!)
    Mesa Heartbreaker
    Hartley-Thompson HTV18 (sadly lost!)
    Orange OR120
    Vox AC50
    Marshall JMP50 (a 1974 NMV in a white head cab - but the cab was non-original)
    Cornford Harlequin
    Cornell Romany
    Blackstar HT5 Head
    Laney Lionheart 20 Head
    Fender Mustang I Practice Amp
    Vox AC50
    (no, not the same one)
    Wienbrock ME-3 Pro
    Bentley D'Luxe (one-off / prototype)
    Orange Micro Terror
    Orange OR120 (no, again, not the same one).

    I think that's it. I occasionally remember things I've owned - like the Triumph 120 or the HT5, or the Prosonic - where I had them for a short period, never really bonded, and think I might like to own one again. But then I remember that I must have let them go for a reason, and when it comes to the Vox and the Orange, the reason was cash, not that I didn't like them.

    I could see myself chasing a Cornell or a Cornford again, though.
  10. adamdaniel

    adamdaniel Supporting Member

    May 9, 2011
    Los Angeles, CA
    Let's see, this should be fun... Past amps, from first owned to last:

    Peavey Decade
    Peavey Bandit
    Fender Stage 185
    MESA/Boogie Mark III
    MESA/Boogie Mark IV
    1966 Fender Tremolux
    Victoria Cherry Bomb
    Victoria Trem D'Lux
    Victoria Electro King
    Louis Electric KR12
    Speed Shop 5E3 PTP
    Clark Beaufort
    Tungsten Buckwheat

    Current amps:

    1962 Fender Vibrolux
    1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb
    Victoria 20112
  11. lennokez

    lennokez Member

    Nov 22, 2008
    Have owned:

    Musicman 110RD
    Mk1 Boogie
    Hot rod Deville
    Mesa Maverick
    Road King
    66 Super Reverb

    Currently own:
    Mk1 Boogie (2nd time)
    King Snake
    Suhr SL68
    Landry LS30
    67 Super Reverb
    64 Vibroverb orig
    Jim Kelley Reverb head
  12. kludge

    kludge The droid you're looking for

    May 15, 2007
    I doubt I can remember what all I've owned over the years. What I have right now:

    Mesa Mark I
    VHT Pittbull 45
    1950s Supro Spectator
    Yamaha G50

    All of them are probably lifers.
  13. Killed_by_Death

    Killed_by_Death Member

    Jan 10, 2016
    14 Megameters from Groong Tehp
    seven total
    still own a Fender Rumble
  14. iGouger

    iGouger Member

    Mar 22, 2017
    Outside of SLC
    Wow! A lot of high-end stuff on these lists.

    I haven't had many amps, but I'm REALLY liking what I have now... they rock! \m/

    Peavey 6505+
    Peavey 6505MH
    Peavey 2x12 Cabinet (Greeenbacks)
    Fender Blues Junior III (Cannabis Rex+MOD Reverb tank)
    Fender Princeton 65

    Line Six Spider III 75
    Line Six Spider III 15
    Old mid-80's Fender Practice Amp (model unknown)
    Crate Amp (model unknown -- amp was actually framed in wood like a crate... the coolest... lost it forever in a manic episode)

    Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister Deluxe 40
    Blackstar -- either Series 1 6L6 or HT Stage 100 MkII
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  15. StratmanSteve

    StratmanSteve Member

    Sep 21, 2014
    South Florida
    Not that many! Guess I'm not an amp guy. I know I'm forgetting a few . . .

    Alamo - model unk.
    Univox U65RN
    Ovation Cat System - Amp and hi freq horns
    Ovation Mako
    Fender Princeton Reverb
    Fender Cyber-Champ
    Fender Vibro-Champ
    Fender Frontman 15B

    Still have all the Fenders. Hadn't played bass in awhile. Moved some furniture one day and rediscovered the Frontman.
    Wanted to add a small Marshall and Vox, but now I'm looking hard at a stereo Roland JC-22.
  16. Gillespie1983

    Gillespie1983 Member

    Jan 8, 2008
    In chronological acquisition order (*still have):
    1x8" Sears beginner's amp
    2x12" Sears solid state with Graphic EQ combo. Loud and gigged it, too.
    4x12" Peavey solid state head/cab. Stolen (who would want to steal a SS Peavey?)
    4x10" Ampeg VT-40 clean, clean, clean.
    Acoustic 165 1x12" Boogie wannabe. (gigged Top-40 in 79-81 with this appliance)
    Two Fender Princeton II combos - the Rivera era (I thought it was awesome in the early 80s; recently reacquired one of my old ones didn't like it near as much as the PRRI)
    Peavey Classic 30
    *Vox AC30CC (in the avatar); the tone is worth the weight (get it?)
    *Fender Princeton Reverb RI (PRRI)
    Fender SF Deluxe Reverb
    *Morgan AC20 Deluxe head/cab
    *Silvertone 1484
  17. Vibroluxman

    Vibroluxman Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    upstate NY
    Things change, lol. Mesa is gone, maz is gone, univalve is gone. Sold and rebought the marshall c5

    Here today

    ‘73 Princeton Reverb
    ‘05 Deluxe Reverb Reissue, modded
    65’ Gretsch 6161
    Marshall Class 5
    Dr. Z Mini Z with Z 112
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  18. stedge

    stedge Supporting Member

    May 4, 2015
    Friends now:
    3rd power dreamweaver ii and cab
    76 Hiwatt dr 103
    Mesa mark ii c+ and thiele ext (orig, not a modded/added iic+, and hardwood to boot (both combo and cab))
    Brownface Princeton
    Carr hammerhead ii head and cab
    73 champ
    Gibson les Paul jr (?goldtone thingy - like a champ)
    Genz Benz bass amp of some sort

    Partial list of Past Amps:
    Bassman 6g6
    Late 70s fender twin reverb
    Peavey tmax 210 bass amp
    68 deluxe reverb drip edge (real one)
    64 blackface deluxe no reverb (miss that one)
    And maybe a couple more. Can’t recall.....

    I’d love to try a Carr slant 6, tweed champ, and brown deluxe or vibrolux. And a non reverb fender pro or vibrolux w a 15). Eventually will. Maybe.
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  19. El Rey

    El Rey Silver Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2018
    Denton, TX
    • SLO-100 - have had it for 15yrs and still feel the same way about it as the day I got it....I've never wanted to get rid of it. Although I don't use it often, when I do, I still love it as much as the first day I got it.
    • Matchless C30 - have had it for 11yrs. Same thing.

    • Two Rock Custom Reverb v.2 50W - had it for 5 years, and loved it when I first got it. But, gradually fell out of love with it, and sold it this past December.
  20. Darth Weller

    Darth Weller Member

    May 27, 2017
    Northern Virginia
    Peavey Backstage
    Yorkville Block
    Randall RG-50
    Marshal JCM900 2 x 12 combo
    ADA MP-1
    A Modded Crate bassamp as a power amp for ADA
    Crate 4 x 12 cab
    Fender Performer - This amp I should have never sold, Played most of my gigs with it, it sounded awesome through my...
    Randall 4 x 12 cab
    Peavey Transtube head
    A No name plastic box amp I'd use my Metalzone on to practice quiet.

    All the above gone

    All I have now
    Peavey Transtube Studio 1 x 12 combo amp, the amp I bought when I started playing again, used in a coverband for a couple months, now it's a poweramp for...
    Randall 2 x 12 Cab
    Kustom HV 65
    Kustom HV 20
    I will never part with these 2 Kustoms, great amps and they both will let you slave them from their inputs.
    2 Peavey Rage practice amps
    Fender Rumble 15 Bass combo amp

    My lady's uncle said he has an old Fender amp someone gave him, he's bringing it up in a month or so, could be something like a Twin, could be an M-80, I'll flip if it's a Performer, maybe my old one as he lives down there these day.

    Other than that I have no need of a new amp, so I'll be patient till I "need" one.

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