How many amps have you owned?

Delayed Delay

Traynor (some solid state thing... Sounded decent I guess, but it was my first amp and I rarely played it)
Peavey Classic 50 - first tube amp
Dr. Z Galaxie
Dr. Z Maz 18
1974x clone (weber)
'67 blackface Bandmaster
Gabriel Voxer V18
Bad Cat Cub II
*Bad Cat Black Cat 30r
*Matchless Avalon 30

and some cheapo Crate combo that sucked donkey balls

* = currently own, and they're the best of the bunch

11 total.


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Peavey Stereo chorus 2x12
Peavey JSX head
Vox AC30TB from England
DrZ Carmen Ghia Head
DrZ KT45
DrZ Z28
DrZ Prescription JR
DrZ Delta 88
Red Iron T-Rex
Red Iron Mil Spec
Red Iron Custom - POS Disaster Project
Two Rock SP50
Two Rock SP100
Two Rock Opal


Fender Frontman 15R
Carvin MTS3212
Mesa Boogie F50
Marshall JVM205H
Fender Blues Jr.
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Princeton Reverb
Mesa Boogie Mark IV


My humble and at times laughable list...
Peavey Rage

Peavey Bandit 112
Carvin X100 ~ (weighed a ton but sounded great)
B-52 At100 * (regrettable purchase) (problematic)
Vox Valvtronix VTX60 (died after two weeks)
Troynor Blue 50
Vox AC15cc1*

Next Amp purchase Vox AC15HW1x
~ wish I still had
*still have


Name em too. (Too many to count isn't a valid answer. ;))

May not be valid but it'd be the honest answer for me. In the last 15 - 20 years alone I've owned more than 100, and I got my first real amp in 1972. There are many I couldn't remember if I tried these days. But here's some from the most recent years (many of which I either bought or sold here on TGP at some point):
Mojave Peacemaker X 2
Mojave Coyote
Blockhead BLK100
Roccaforte HG100
Roccaforte Custom 80
Roccaforte Custom 30
Roccaforte Custom 18 X2
Roccaforte Rockie
Hughes & Kettner Triamp I
Two Rock Opal
Two Rock Emerald Pro
Two Rock Ruby EL34 version
Fuchs ODS 30 SLX
Fuchs TDS 100 SLX
Straub Cantus X 2
Wizard Modern Classic 100
Wizard Vintage Classic 50
Mako Makoplex
Bogner Ecstasy 100B
Bogner Ecstasy 101B
Bogner Ecstasy Classic X 2
Friedman Steve Stevens 100
Friedman BE100
Friedman Kitchen Sink mod 77's JMP 2204
Engl Steve Morse Signature
Diezel Herbert X 2
Komet 60
Komet Constellation
Komet Concorde
Kendrick Black Gold 50
Kendrick Black Gold 30
Kendrick Texas Crude Austin Gusher 50
Carr El Moto 88 2x12 combo
Carr Rambler 2x12 combo
Bad Cat Hot Cat 2x12 combo
Bad Cat Cub 1x12 combo
Bruno Underground 30
Fargen Bourdeau EL34
Fargen High Gain (one off I think)
CAA OD100 Classic +
Divided by 13 FTR 37
Divided by 13 SJT 10/20
Divided by 13 LDW 17/39
Divided by 13 RSA 23
Tone King Meteor II
Saldano SLO 100
Cornford Harliquen
Cornford Hurricane
Mesa Boogie Trem-O-Verb 2x12 and head
Zinky Mofo
Valvetech VAC25
numerous Peavey's
numerous Marshall's and still have a couple
numerous Fender's

And I'm sure a few I've forgotten to mention. So you see why I can't remember? Used to keep pics and serials numbers for every amp and just stopped at some point.
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Behringer ACX Ultracoustic 1000. (Sweet name I know)
Fender DRRI
Blackstar HT5
Black heart little giant
Epiphone valve jr. (Twice)
Fender Hot Rod deluxe
Fender tweed deluxe
DOD 8 watt amp???
Fender Frontman 15
Matchless Spitfire 15
Bad Cat Cub II
Bad Cat Cub III
Bad Cat Hot Cat 30


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Fender Sidekick Chorus (first amp)
Peavey Classic 30 (first tube amp)
'72 Ampeg V2
'72 Ampeg V4 (two)
Deluxe Reverb RI (two)
'90s Ampeg J-12R
'59 Fender Bassman RI
'47 Gibson BR-1
'50s Alamo
'70s Ampeg Jet
'69 Fender Bandmaster Reverb
'69 Fender Champ
Vox T-25
Vox Pathfinder 15R (two)
5E3 tweed Deluxe clone (built myself)
'68 Fender Bassman (converted to a 1x15 combo) *
Allen Chihuahua
Victoria 5112
65 Amps Tupelo
'62 Ampeg Reverberocket *
'52 Gibson GA-20
Tungsten Crema Wheat
Keedy Vibro Tweed MKII *

* currently own
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Digital Wrath

Let's see.. There haven't been that many. I played Pod XT Live and other modellers for a long time.

Peavey Blazer (my first amp, pretty crappy SS thingy)
Marshall AVT50 combo (horrendous drive tones, kinda ok cleans for pedals)
Vox VT30 (some ok cleans & crunch, nothing special)
Koch Studiotone combo (very nice home-amp, good with pedals.. Small & open cabinet made it sound too boxy for my needs)
Orange Rockerverb 50 head (very versatile amp for a lot of stuff, especially rock & hi-gains..)
Orange Tiny Terror head (simple & able "rocker" that can do a lot of things well)
Mesa Transatlantic TA-15 head (kind of versatile, but not really great with anything)
Suhr Badger 18 head (my nr. 1 for some years now. Great tones even at very low levels, pedals sound great. Power Scaling is a blessing for me.)

That's EIGHT then.


Ok... my amp history goes back to the late '70s, but assuming my memory glands work it should look like this, in the order they were aquired. * is for amps I still own.

  • Hagström BT25 guitar/accordeon amp*
  • Yamaha G50II 1x12"
  • Music Man HD130 4x10"
  • Roland JC120
  • Various rack system iterations with (among others) ADA and Kitty Hawk preamps, and among the power amps were Kitty Hawk 2x60w tube and a Tube Works Mosvalve
  • 1978 Fender Twin Reverb (orange JBL D120F's)
  • 2x10" Mesa Blue Angel combo
  • 1970 Fender Twin Reverb (grey basket D120F's, currently Jensens)*
  • 1972 Marshall JMP 50w
  • Marshall 1936 2x12" (bought empty, stuffed with Celestion V12-60 speakers - sold the cab but still have the Celestions)
  • Fender Vibratone leslie cab*
  • 1973 Fender Bassman 50w head*
  • Fender Princeton 65 solid state
  • Crate VC508*
  • Marshall 3210 Lead 100 Mosfet*
  • Hammer (local builder) 1x12" cab*
  • 1969 Fender Bandmaster Reverb (housed in a cut down SF Super Reverb cabinet)*
  • 1967 Bassman cab*
  • Tech 21 Trademark 60*
  • Yamaha T100 head*
Add to that the Eleven Rack rig with a powered wedge monitor. Hmm. It looks quite bad... maybe I need to see someone? :D


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I will try...

Peavey Bandit (first amp)
Fender Princeton Chorus
Fender 70s twin
Soldano HR50+
Fender Blues Deville 4x10 (owned three different times)
Fender HRDlx (owned three times)
Fender Blues Deluxe (3x also and current amp)
Vox Ac15cc
Vox Ac15C1
Mesa TA15
Mesa Mini Rec
Fender Blues Jr
Fender SS22 (two times)
Fender CVR (Fromel modded)
Fender DRRI
Fender PRRI
Fender SS60 (first generation)
5E3 clone/kit
Dr Z Maz Jr NR

That's 27 amps through the years... I think I am forgetting one or two as well.


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1. univox combo
2. home made one
3. Fender bf bandmaster
4. 70s Marshall super lead
5. 2nd 70s Marshall super lead
6. Marshall 2x12 jmp combo black tolex
7. Marshall 2x12 jmp fawn tolex
8. dean markely combo
9. roland JC120
10. carvin combo
11. Marshall combo 30
12. Marshall JCM 900 combo
13. fender bronco
14. fender princeton reverb
15. fender super reverb*
16. fender deluxe reverb*
17. 2nd Marshall jmp nmv combo black tolex
18. Marshall 1987x reissue
19. germino lead 55
20. clark beaufort
21. clark tyger
22. tophat emplexador
23. dr. Z. mini z
24. germino classic 45
25. germino club 40
26. laney pro-tube
27. blankenship variplex
28. egnater ie4 preamp
29. divided by 13 ftr 37
30. metro plexi friedman marsha mod
31. divided by 13 RPB
32. friedman modded marshall
33. friedman marsha
34. metro Plexi 1967
35. marshall 1973 metal panel
36. marshall JCM 800 friedman mod
37. suhr sl68 plexi head
38. fender bassman head*
39. marshall 1974 super lead*
40. friedman Custom BE100*

This is over close to a 40 year period. I still have a 1964 Deluxe Reverb, Friedman customized BE100 (to SS spec), 1967 Bassman head, and 1974 Marshall Super Lead
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Old Chomper

Peavey Backstage 30
Peavey Deuce
Crate something-or-other
Mesa Studio .22 Caliber
Fender Deluxe Reverb II
Bedrock 621
Crate Vintage 20
Bedrock 651
Tech21 Trademark 10


Not too many actually;
Peavey Classic(SS pre-amp/tube power amp)
Peavey Renown
Randall RG-80
<I had a very cool rack system between these amps>
Ampeg VL-1002(Lee Jackson design)
Yamaha T100(Soldano design)
Marshall JCM800 50 watt single channel
Mesa Boogie Triple Rec(OG 2ch. version)
Rivera M100(head and combo version)
River Duo-Twelve Hundred
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Early, long gone:

1. Univox UB 250 SS bass amp
2. Peavey Deuce II 2x12 combo

Owned/sold in the last 10 years
3. Sovtek Mig 60 head
4. Fender SF Twin Reverb
5. SF Fender Bassman 135 amp and cab
6. Peavey Mark IV SS bass head
7. SLM Ampeg 2xEL34 combo (SJ-12T?) early ‘00s.

Still have:

8. Fender Dual Showman Reverb '69-ish
9. Fender Deluxe Reverb '79
10. Ampeg Reverberocket II '66
11. Ampeg Gemini G-12 '68
12. Gibson Discoverer GA-8T '65
13. Silvertone 1482 '66?
14. Silvertone 1333 '56?
15. Marshall Club & Country mid '70s?
16. Traynor YBA-4 '80s?
17. Lafayette (Univox) 2X6L6 piggyback bass amp '60s?
18. Graflex movie projector 2xel84 audio amp repurposed as guitar amp
19. Yamaha G100-212 Solid State ''81-ish
20. SWR Workingman's 12 bass amp
21. Acoustic bass head (model num?)
22. GK MB 210 bass combo

Last minute additions (I'm too lazy to renumber)
23. Peavey Backstage 30 (now a 1x12 cab only).
24. Crate 30 watt SS practice amp.

Rumors of War

Crate 2x8 combo
Fender Performer 1000
Fender Twin Amp
Matchless Independence
'70 Fender Champ
65 Amps London
'70 Dual Showman Reverb
Stu Daddy 5E3 Deluxe
'69 Super Reverb
Crate Palomino V16
Dr. Z Route 66
Matchless Clubman
Vox Pathfinder 15r*
Bad Cat Wild Cat
Ampeg VT-40*
Fargen Olde 800*


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I've lost track of some of them but here's a few:
1) Mesa Boogie RectoVerb 25
2) Evil Robot Custom 214
3) Dr Z Maz 18
4) Fender Pro - early 60's
5) Fender Twin Reverb - 1966
6) Fender Harvard - 1960
7) Fender Vibro Champ - 1964
8) Magnatone 260
9) Magnatone 280
10) Magnatone 213
11) Supro Golden Hoilday
12) Vintage 47 - Can't remember the model
13) Gretsch Playboy
14 Harmony - can't remember model, small valco amp.

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