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how many basses do you have/want?


I ask this because I have had the same fender P for almost six years, the same amp for five, yet I am constantly GAS'ing for new guitars and guitar amps...I have four electrics, three amps, and with no end to this in sight.

Im pretty well set as far as bass gear goes though, one bass, one amp... Maybe Ill get 5 string sometime if the right one comes up, but I dont really need/want any new bass gear right now.

anyone else share this same phenomenon?


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anyone else share this same phenomenon?

Not me; but good for you.It's always about the music, not the instrument, it's what you can do with your bass rather than the model or how many you have.

BUT- I have a lot of basses, and a lot of amps and they are all different in tone and character and feel.

I used my Sadowsky at my session this afternoon, Tuesday I'll go with the Bongo I think.

Then maybe my Warwick Thumb thru my...
See? Ain't nothing too wrong about that either is there?

I earned the money; I love the TONE I get.

Play one; or play several; just....PLAY!
I was up to 21 basses at one point around five years ago, but since then I have managed to get that down to 7 that I play regularly.

During that time I've actually increased my number of amps/cabs, because I'm now gigging and recording in a variety of situations/genres.
Too many, I reckon, but they all do different things. I had nothing but a '61 Pbass for years (I play mostly upright anyway), but along they way accumulated a fretless P/J, a tele bass, and jazz. I also have a Dano short-scale for when I cannot fly with an upright (properly manipulated it does any amazing imitation!).


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Current basses (all 4 strings):
Rick Turner Electroline fretless (unique sound, fun to play)
Tobias Signature (Burbank production) (will probably sell)
1965 Jazz Bass (sunburst) (will never sell)
1969 Precision Bass (w/ Jazz Bass bridge pickup; Nordstrand pickups) (classic P/J bass, will probably never sell)
1972 Telecaster Bass (will probably sell)
1985 Jazz Bass modified (2Tek Bridge, Barotlini pickups and preamp -- too heavy but sounds huge)
Alembic Europa (will probably sell)
Steinberger L2 (will probably sell)
Musicman Cutlass II (graphite neck, 2 pickups) (will probably sell)
Joe Glazer Baritone Danelectro (will never sell)
recently sold: SWR/Tobias Journeyman Bass prototype

The 1965 Jazz bass is the one I grab most often. I indicated which ones I think I will eventually sell, as I can see getting by without them. But they are all nice basses in their own right.

I would like to try out a Ric and a nice hollowbody bass, such as a Guild Starfire, to see if they give me something new I like.
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I was up to 3 basses at one point (1 J, 1 Washburn, 1 Rik) until I permanently switched to guitar. Then I paired it down to 1 bass, the Rik, but now I'm up to 12 guitars :bonk


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I've been rolling on a Precision and a Jazz for a few years now. I truly feel I could play those two for the rest off my life and get any kind of tone I'll ever want. Although, when I hit the lotto, I'll be picking up a Ric :)


For about 12-14 years I rotated between an American Standard Jazz, E.B. Musicman and an Ibanez ATK300 that I used for practices.

I sold the Musicman a couple of years ago when temporarily quit playing.

I started playing again and decided to try an American Standard P-Bass after watching 'Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" a dozen times :) I loved it and sold my Jazz Bass to buy a second P-Bass. They are my babies now and for the rest of my short time left on this earth :)


Currently have 4 and have one more incoming.

Use them all. Still got an itch for one or two more, but won't be scratching that itch for a while (due to lack of scratch)
I have 4 that I use.

In the house our daughter has one she never uses, junior just went to college, but he always used one of my basses instead of the bass he has and my wife has a bass. So I guess that's seven in the house.


I have four basses:

Cort Curbow 6
Peavey Grind 6
Douglas Fretless 6
No-Name (probably Antonio Tsai) 7

I don't actually want any other bass guitar; given money or whatever, I'd probably like to de-fret my Grind and put flats on it, then maybe upgrade the electronics on one or more of them.

Curbow is the lightest one I have and has the best electronics, but is also probably the only one I could get anything for, so would probably be the first to go.


77 stingray
68 jazz
76 p
sadowsky J
sadowsky 24f5 soapbar (will probably sell, but i don't wanna)
sadowsky vintage 24f5
modulus quantum V
danelectro longhorn recent

i bought the 76p in 8th grade. with flatwounds on it, it's what i most often use live.

but, unlike with guitar gear, i'm happy with my tone regardless of the bass i'm playing. totally, completely happy.


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'77 Mustang
Mid-60's National Pocket bass
Harmony H-22
Harmony H-420
Tokai Jazz Sound
Huckster Custom '51 P-bass

I'm going to assemble a couple of Hucksters in the near future and if I ever get rich I'll buy a Ruokangas or two. On the amp front I need a Neo 2x10 cab.


i'm up to 14 now.
i still gas for more, normally to give me options for live work and recording.
it's always the inherent sound / playability that does it for me, although the shape does sometimes have an effect.

i tend to approach it like any tradesman, a chippie (Carpenter) will own more than one saw - different tools for different applications

Jeff Michael

I've got two uprights and eight electrics. They're all a little different. But yeah, not enough to say I need two and eight. I could get by with one and one. Still, having them is neat.

I also have a Dano short-scale for when I cannot fly with an upright (properly manipulated it does any amazing imitation!).
You and Joey Spampinato...and that's some good company right there!



I pretty much got through the 90s with a 78 P-Bass, but I was broke then. I got a Mexican Jazz bass about 10 years ago and have slowly tricked it out over the years, when my P-Bass needed work. A few years later, I got one of the first year Geddy Lee Jazz basses (they were much cheaper then).

That had been that up until this year and I ran into a couple of nice ones at good prices and went nuts and got a 51 Reissue P-Bass, 4003 Rick and a Gibson SG bass. I've been mostly playing the Rick and the 51 P bass of late at practice.

I could get by with what I have. I'd like to have a fretless and have always wanted a Stingray or a T-bird.


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'87 PRS
'81 Wal
Custom made fretless J
old upright bass (origin unknown)
One shortscale currently under construction
plus one more one the way


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'65 Fender Precision Bass
'75 Fender Precision Bass
'87 Fender/Squire Precision Bass
'07 Fender Jazz Fretless Bass (Gifted it to my good friend)

The Eristic

Hanewinckel Arpeggio 7-string
Eshenbaugh Brado 7-string
G&L L-2000
Godlyke Disciple 4 prototype
Fernandes P-bass x2
Fender AmSt Precision
Jackson Professional Futura XL
Charvel Fusion IV
Ibanez RD-707
Blade Explorer bass, poorly defretted by a previous owner

I need a fretless 4, a Bordwell fretless 7, and maybe a Bee or Roscoe Century Sig 7 to do the sub-contrabass thing with.

I really need an Accugroove Tri112L, too. My Mesa gear is too heavy to transport.

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