How many guitars is optimal for you?

Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by DGrig, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. MkIII Renegade

    MkIII Renegade Member

    Aug 25, 2017
    Just one more. ;)
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  2. PBGas

    PBGas Supporting Member

    Jul 12, 2009
    Ontario, Canada
    I have 6 electrics now. I really, really like all of them in their own way. In reality, 2 of them would suit me just fine. Seeing many of the amazing collections here, I don't feel as bad for having the 6 of them that I do.
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  3. Machew

    Machew Member

    Dec 30, 2018
  4. MLaVache

    MLaVache Member

    May 12, 2017
    I have two very different electrics, two very different acoustics, a bass, and a mandolin. Plus a beater from each category that I don't care if it gets stolen/broken — but I don't really count those ones. And now I'm getting into harmonicas, which get surprisingly expensive fast.
  5. supersoldier71

    supersoldier71 Member

    Jan 27, 2010
    Fayetteville, NC
    Assuming no emotional attachment, I could probably rock with two. Maybe one, since all my favorites are variations on a theme: 2 humbucker, double cutaway, vibrato bridge.
  6. dzb

    dzb Supporting Member

    Mar 6, 2012
    Chicago area / WI - Milwaukee (Alpine Valley)
    Part of my hurdle is I owned/operated a recording studio for 25 years and am completing a new studio ground-up build 3+ years in the making (which impeded on a lot of would-have-been-playing-guitar-time). Then, there's the part of now having young kids that have become attached to a couple guitars (oh, and throw in that darn sentimental factor from some photos & recordings the guitars were played on, let alone when the kiddos pick-up a guitar for a photo).... I wrestle with the concept of what to keep and what is 'enough' during those times I am not playing anywhere as much as I'd like to. So, in the meantime while building my new studio, I found some guys to jam every week with & write songs - this forced me to start thinking more about playing and changing things up every few weeks (also shifted some focus to pedals - ug, the sickness!) -- but, playing with some other musicians has helped settle my mind on the topic of hoarding guitars just a tad bit as I have been landing on playing a much shorter list of guitars that what sit in the closet much of the time for my personal enjoyment.

    Comfortable # I'd Like to keep:

    7 Electrics (5 or 6 would likely feel too slim)
    1 Acoustic
    1 Bass

    Lowest # to keep (that would be conceivable to cope with):
    4 Electric
    1 Acoustic
    1 Bass

    Currently have a total of 23 (recently down from 1 high of 25):
    14 Electrics
    3 Acoustic (6 string)
    4 Bass
    1 12-String Acoustic
    1 Project Electric Guitar
    Of the electrics, one is a duplicate 'investment' guitar.

    (Recently sold 1 OK Electric & 1 Really Nice Acoustic - was easier to do since two arrived in the last 6 months). Planning to let go of a few this summer/fall.

    2 guitars that have been on permanent loan from a buddy (more like storage / wall hangers from my old studio that might hang in a hallway of the new studio).
    2 guitars that are truly art / wall hangers for ambiance and will not ever be playable.

    1 project Tele build in early stages which is a project for my young daughter & I to build this summer, she gets to pick the color + general options (look) and we paint & build it together- I get to make the electronics what I want (for the most part). And... then... there will be the other daughter who says she wants to do one... so... the numbers will shift yet once again!
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  7. OldHootOwl

    OldHootOwl Member

    Apr 28, 2019
    I've gone through phases where I was buying guitars just to buy them and, for me, it's not satisfying to have a collection where most of the instruments aren't being played. If I have more than 3, one or more is collecting dust so what's the point? If having a large collection means rotating guitars arbitrarily just to ensure each one gets playing time, I'm not spending enough time with any ONE guitar to get a complete feel for it, to the point where it feels like a second skin. THAT, for me, is the greatest satisfaction and I value it more than just owning a lot just to have them.

    However, I could never be a single guitar guy because what if it breaks? What about downtime for repairs and mods? God forbid it ever got stolen... I need a backup or two.

    So my optimal number is 2 or 3.

    I have FIVE right now and I'm thinning the herd and paying off credit cards with the proceeds starting next week. (If anyone reading this is interested in an Epiphone SG Custom, a Warwick Streamer bass, a Vigier Excalibur or an Epi V, let me know)
  8. 3waytie4last

    3waytie4last Unfluencer Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2018
  9. superstratjunky

    superstratjunky Member

    Mar 30, 2015
    Western PA
    1 a day, 2 a week,,,, maybe all every 5 months, but I would get to them all. So 20 is my absolute limit,,,,, I mean it... Really.:p

    You need to play those cases more.o_O

    WTH do you do? Do you get out? Wife? Kids? .... Friends?

    Piano,,,, maybe. The computer would take care of the rest,,, but I like piano...:)

    Have you seen all of them?:eek:

    Even the ones not made yet?o_O

    Do tell!!!:)

    NJ?:eek: Your secret is my secret.;) So many calibers,,,, of guitars that is.....:D

    D, you need more.:cool:

    I'd need more hangers.:)

    +8-6,,,, for me.;)
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  10. customguitars87

    customguitars87 Member

    Oct 27, 2009
    Oh man, how much time do you have? Dozens of major scores in the last 4-5 years...
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  11. Gasp100

    Gasp100 Supporting Member

    Oct 23, 2007
    North Myrtle Beach, SC
    3 electrics, 1 acoustic.
    I have 2 Tele's and an LP and I rotate the Tele's per gig.
    The single acoustic gets gigged as well.
    Any more than that and I feel I am over leveraged in guitars with too much money tied up.

  12. PartoftheDark

    PartoftheDark Member

    Aug 27, 2015
    The Greater DC Zone
    I had 13 for a while. I'm down to 5 now which includes a bass. I find that the more I have, the less I end up writing. So I stick to the ones that work for writing and that's it.
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  13. Magnets And Melodies

    Magnets And Melodies Member

    Nov 7, 2016
    I'm a Senior Project Manager currently, though wore many hats at this company for the last 13 years.

    Wife and kids, family and friends, yup. What I don't do is:

    • Watch or own a TV
    • Have any social media other than this forum.
    • Drink alcohol
    • Spend anymore time at work than I get paid for
    What I DO do is.... spend a ton of quality time with my daughter and wife, read a ton of books, and play a ton of guitar, and travel overseas a couple times a year. I cook all our meals from scratch and make sure the family is happy and healthy.

    You'd be surprised how much time you have to play when you cut some of the time waisters in life out of your life. I'll be the first to admit that working from home is a big part of my play time - any time between meetings and tasks is usually spent playing guitar.
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  14. superstratjunky

    superstratjunky Member

    Mar 30, 2015
    Western PA


    You need more time to think about it,,, but don't take to long....o_O

    I'm in love already.:love:

    Let me guess,,,, a honey to do list!?:console

    I'd have at least 10 HSH, OFR Superstrats. The rest would be a few Gibson inspired, a Tele, & an acoustic. 20 total.

    20 is my limit.

    You are the "Acoustic Junky."o_O

    Ataboy, Doug! :aok

    Which one? A pic?:BluesBros

    I just need to get lucky & find a neck for my 1990 Jem 77FP. & or, get another + the 77BFM.:)

    Can you say retirement fund.:banana

    You don't play them, because you don't like them. Only find & or build keepers.:)


    I got time Monday, The US Open is on tomarrow & Sunday.;)

    & BTW, If it's free money, unless it's a want, it's free money. Turn that money into more money & then buy & keep. Wash, rinse, repeat {until 20}.o_O

    Now if money wasn't an obstacle, just saying....:)

    A red? No an Amber quilt topped home made Mahogany neck-through Carvin HSH Superstrat. Passives + 25" scale + 24 frets + custom wiring. Half done. Need funds to complete. This will get done regardless.
    Blue? Yes, only one though. A Grosh Electrojet in LPB HH with Thornbuckers with Pete's wiring + a 510 & locking tuners.
    Burst? Yep. A Mikaël Springer Lemmonburst Seraph VNS with Page's wiring.
    No black, but a Gold Top of some sort. Maybe a DGT?
    A PRS McCarty. Yellow Tiger, trem?
    A crazy Kirn Tele.

    Then there's the New Supers.
    Two Suhrs, an HSH OFR RB & a Suhr custom that may or may not push John's last nerve.
    A Tyler HSH Studio Elite Caramel Cappuccino Shmear.
    A full Schecter custom EMG Wenge/Koa/Wenge.
    A FCS Ron Thorn Built HSH,Basswood/Maple body, HM Strat.
    A D'Avanzo 1984 with HSH, EMGs, OFR, Korina/Koa body, & Korina/Wenge neck.

    Used? A Valley Arts original Luke had in an ad that maybe/hopefully is still owned by Luke, if he'd sell {No not the Robot}. If not the hunt will begin!! An ESP Skulls & Snakes, with traditional Headstock, an 80s/90s Jackson Soloist, an 80s Kramer Stagemaster, another Jem 77FP, a Jem 77BFP, & a Jem 7WH.

    Owned. My first Jem needs a neck {will have made if needed}, my HM needs a complete overhaul {done regardless}, I need to finish making the Carvin {done regardless}, & I also have my EGEN8 {which needs work, but regardless} which I may just get a S970WRW to swap the neck. The Soloist or Stagemaster may get swapped for a Yamaha Pacifica 1421 & all three would be fixeruppers that I could fix to my specs. Then a nice Taylor acoustic with Mahogany B&S & cutaway.

    If I do reach this lofty dream goal, I will force myself to play a different guitar every few days. I'll keep track by putting them in their cases & opening the next.
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  15. Wee Jock

    Wee Jock Member

    Dec 19, 2018
    3 for me:

    LP for rock, Jag for indie, and acoustic for singing along to.

    I have a fourth but it’s another LP that I can’t sell for sentimental reasons but it does the same job as the other LP.
  16. wstsidela

    wstsidela I'm bonafied Gold Supporting Member

    May 11, 2005
    Temecula, CA
    I own way too many guitars. It still amazes me the things you can afford when you quit doing drugs.
  17. edwarddavis

    edwarddavis Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2005
    Bristol Connecticut
    How many is the responsible amount
    Really another to many guitar thread
  18. Roe

    Roe Member

    Jul 12, 2005
    tromsoe, norway
    its tempting to introduce the concept of bad infinity here
  19. Calebz

    Calebz Member

    Jan 2, 2019
    I can get by on 6.
    1 - classical
    1 - 6 string acoustic
    1 - 12 string acoustic
    1 - Pbass
    2 - Iommi SGs

    I currently have more than that. I need to sell my Yamaha active bass and get a Pbass. I should probably sell my shecter and my Gibson SG special and buy a second Iommi Epiphone for a backup.

    I already have the rest of the stuff on my list. And there's usually one or two others, but most of those are transitory, like the SG special. Fine guitars, but not what I need.
  20. Ejay

    Ejay Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    I have taken the route to “one of every foodgroup”...but aborting it.
    Argueably at home or while recording there is some benifit in having nuances between a LP and a strat....although when I listen to older recordings...I really cant tell whether is used a tele, strat or prs.

    When you gig, dealing with different output lvls / different pups comes at a bigger cost then any benifit a slightly different sounding guitar brings. Being in control, knowing what your pups do with pedal/preset x and y is more important for a good performance then anything else.

    So..for solidbodies im going back to 2 guitars. A prs513 and a BLade strat. (Both h/s/h with loads of switches)

    Pedals and amps im heading in the same direction..less is more. Knowing your gear is more important then having every flavour in the world. a sucker for those, and those gigs are all set and forget, 1 sound, so ill keep the 4 I have for now, but I can imagine taking a simular route soon.
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