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how many have an "always on" pedal and what is it?


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strymon deco tape sat side (about 1 o clock) and spontaneous son of kong Q down with a touch of gain

Steve Hotra

Gold Supporting Member
When I had my Rook Royale on my board, I used the EP boost. It was always on. Now, its the Ventris.. I like to always have a little reverb happening.

Tony Done

I made a simple simple passive bypass loop switch. I use it mainly as an on/off switch between the guitar and the amp, which doesn't have bypass. It's always on when I'm playing. :) The compressor, a Boss LMB-3 is on 99% of the time, as is a Boss LS-2, acting as a before-amp volume control. I only play at acoustic guitar volume, and I've found that the amp sounds better with the amp turned up a bit, and the input volume down.

Alchemist XP

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a bit of Ego Compressor most of the time ...

The sole purpose of a compressor is to reduce dynamics. If you're gonna set it up so as not to do that, why do you need one?
Not for me. I use it as a boost and with a blend knob I get the bloom without the squish. Generates more sustain so less need for drive compression.


Board 1: Carl Martin HD&B mk3 - clean boost always on
Board 2: ClinchFX EP+ Custom - EP3 circuit always on by design
Board 3: Origin FX Cali76 Compact Deluxe > Xotic RCv2 - both always on


...way to wake up a 10 year old thread!!!
I’ll play...ZVEX SHO 2-1. Love this pedals.
It’s fun to see what the fan bois used 13 years ago. Klons and RC boosters were hot. Some brands I totally forgot about, what a blast from the past. Anyways, klon, fuzz face, two pedals ok to always have on?


i mean how many people use a pedal as a part of their "base" sound, rather than just the amp. and I'm not talking about reverb, slapback delay, or the like. i mean something that you use to warm up/gain up the amp in some way.

i've been trying this out with a klon lately. it's good, but seems to add too much mids for this purpose, and there's a bit too much gain (i turn down the gain, but the resulting sound is either too weak or too similar to the just-amp tone as to make it not worth it). i know the klon is known mainly as a kickass solo boost, but i don't solo enough to justify a $400 pedal...

anyway, just curious to hear if people like using a pedal to warm up their base amp tone. if you do have one, why and how exactly do you use it? are there any pedals good for warming up the tone without a change in gain?

Several for me. Tim is 2nd for me after a fuzz. I use it as a eq’able signal boost/buffer. Also then run my volume pedal on its loop.

End of my chain I run a Keeley Limiter to squash any volume spikes. Then a Unit 67 as a final eq and boost for that final cable run.


Lets see...my vibes stay on
Cali76cd comp, infinity phase, lately the KoT yellow side has been on a lot. Chase tone secret preamp
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