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How many hours do you practice / play at home each day?


Everyday, usually at night before bedtime. Length varies alot. Anywhere as little as 30mins till what could be 3am. Sometimes it's literally practice, sometimes it's jamming, always it's some amount of writing.

Band practices once a week, sometimes twice but that not too often. And I also do session work for a few local studios for whatever that takes. Here and there, not regular and only when I'm free.

I have a (more than), full time day job as a medical professional in a trauma hospital so that's all I have. But it's what keeps me sane.


Wild Rose Country
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One week it’s 5 hours, the next it’s 0 hours, life gets in the way sometimes...


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I break my time into 3 categories, because they all have varying degrees of impact on my abilities.
1) We rehearse as a band (pre covid) rwice a week for 2-3 hours per rehearsal.
2) Actual practice where I am fully present and actively learning. 2-4 hrs a week (more lately due to covid and it varies if I am burnt of chasing a something new)
3) Sitting on the couch noodling while watching TV, playing along to commercials, doing mindless reps. 0-2 hours a day. Depends on if the family is there or not.


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I am add. I have to really be interested or getting great sound from my rig to stay longer. I rarely do anything on guitar longer than 1/2 hour. I have been like this since I started in 1968. Friends hear me and think I practice a lot, I just can't unless there is a band and I must play. I have devised my own personal kick to help with the issue. And that is, if you play guitar, hang them so you can walk right up pick it up and play. When you are add, just taking it out of the case is enough for me to change my mind. Cases are for guitars you do not play. I keep my D-28 in its case, that is it.


1-2 hours most days (career, life, etc gets in the way). Between 16 and 20, though I played 6-8 hours a day. Shockingly, I made a lot of progress those years!


Average lately...as in over the last year and half or so ... I’d say about 3 to 4 hours a day but it’s highly inconsistent so that’s just an estimate. Can be as low as 45 min or as much as 10+ hours. Playing only 45 min or less is very unlikely and happens about as much playing 10 or more hours. Usually it’s been between 2 and 5 hours most days. I think anyway.... also I don’t think I’ve missed a day of playing in over 3 years now or since I really got back into playing again.


Very little these days. I live in a small flat with two other people who work from home (I worked from home until 1 Jan and am currently unemployed/looking for work). It is just too hard to play, even with headphones, when there is someone literally feet away from you working. Now the added pressure of finding work makes it hard to indulge in hobbies at all. Feels like time I can’t afford to waste.

Pre-Covid I’d play an average of an hour a day during term time (I am/was an academic) and two hours a day outside of term.

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