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How many is too many?

How many?

  • One

    Votes: 6 1.8%
  • Two

    Votes: 5 1.5%
  • Three

    Votes: 7 2.0%
  • Four

    Votes: 22 6.4%
  • Five

    Votes: 17 5.0%
  • Between 6 and 10

    Votes: 99 28.9%
  • Between 11 and 15

    Votes: 56 16.4%
  • Between 16 and 20

    Votes: 23 6.7%
  • More than 20

    Votes: 63 18.4%
  • More than 50

    Votes: 44 12.9%

  • Total voters


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1. Fingers=11
2. Wives >1.
3.Words=the last.
4. Guitars... hmmm, what was the question?


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I have 22, including electrics, acoustics, a lap-steel and 1 bass. It feels excessive to me at times, but it all comes down to whether you have the money, space and time to accommodate and enjoy them. I currently do, so I don’t fret over it. My wife also encourages me since she loves music as much as I do, and she knows how much joy my guitars bring me.

The guitars I own have been carefully curated over a lifetime...I own some crazy great guitars! Every time I sell a guitar (or any gear), it is difficult to let go! As I get older, I’ll sell a few, but life is too short to worry about selling the things that bring you joy. The guitar saved me, so owning 22 right now seems right. :)
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Having space to keep guitars is important but just as important for me is if they are going to get played or not.

I currently have:
1 steel string acoustic (backpacker guitar)
1 nylon string classical acoustic
1 electric bass
1 main electric
1 secondary backup electric (ultra short scale for tendonitis flare ups 22.5")

That said I am about to buy back my old main that I sold to a friend about 10 years ago. The only other thing I would really want is a 12 string. Another / nicer bass would be cool too but I am playing less bass these days and I really do not need it. I feel good at 5 and 6 is going to be okay but I do not want to become one of those hoarders.

When I see photos of collections where they have 5 - 10 or more of the same guitar plus dozens of others, whatever like: 10 Les Pauls, 10 Strats, 5 teles, 4 Jazzmasters, 6 Shur, 8 ibanez, 12 PRS, etc. etc. I am both in awe and feel a bit nauseated. It is kind of gross hoarding and hedonistic and makes me think of all the starving people in the world compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars this one person has in guitars, all the lives that could have been saved instead of having all these trophies on the wall. The selfish part of humanity and disparity of wealth kind of kicks in when I see those things. In that light it kind of makes me sick but the gear head part of me is also like, damn I would love to try some of those out or own a few. But I would personally be embarrassed to have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of guitars, or millions in some people's case when so many people in the world do not have drinking water, food, shelter or basic necessities. When I see Bonamassa's Fender tweed collection (and the rest for that matter) I kind of get mad like, people like this is why you cannot find a good original tweed fender amp anymore, hoarders who have them all. I am sure that some of you will not like my point of view here. People have the freedom to spend their hard earned money how they want and all that, yes, of course they do I do not want to take away anyone's freedom but it just makes me sad to see that is what their priorities are. And I also acknowledge that I have no idea how much money Bonamassa has donated to the needy to "make up for" his excessive gear collecting but even if it is massive, that hoarding is still kind of gross in my personal opinion. (I am ducking and running for cover now)
That’s a lot of words just to say “people who have more stuff than me aren’t good people or they wouldn’t have more stuff than me.”

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I think youre ok with your comments, but its the equal to many other collectors in this world as many collect cars which is more money and unnecessary, why have 10 mustangs, 5 camaros, and 20 corvettes, as guitars can be played of course the ppl who was more than 100 i guess they have not played mostly in year,
There’s not really any end to it though. One could just as plausibly argue that no one should have a $5,000 Custom Shop (much less a $500,000 ‘59 Burst) when they could play a $500 guitar and feed a large number of people. Authoritarianism has no inherent limits, only those artificially imposed on it.

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In no logical order, other than where they are in my imgur list...

And a travel electric, a travel acoustic, a nylon string acoustic, a nylon electric, a cigar box guitar, and a Taylor GS mini I keep at my mother's house, but you're apparently limited to 20 photos per post so they're not included.

Plus, there's one on pre-order, scheduled to deliver in November.

Am I missing anything?
Lots of beautiful instruments there, and some I can’t identify. I don’t recognize that fourth one with the P90s but that’s just drop dead gorgeous.
I currently have 13 guitars and 7 basses and feel as though 20 is too many. The problem is when I get one of them out and set it up to play it and then sell it, I fall in love with it again and don't want to part with it. :facepalm

I have managed to sell 1 guitar, 1 bass and 1 amp in the last couple of weeks, but now I'll have to make "difficult" decisions on what to part with.

Member 199413

MIJ Fender Korina Offset Tele
Ah, I see you’ve got another P90 (or Jazzmaster?) and a P90/humbucker. The angle was throwing me. Are they 24.75” or 25.5”?

I love Korina but that’s a particularly beautiful piece of wood, especially combined with the sculpting.

Lung plunger

I get attached to singular objects where it's pretty much my ride or die.

I've got my one pair of boots, my fav ratty jeans, my one leather jacket, and my old black 335.

There is no too many for me, but I'd consider anything else as just taking up resources that could otherwise go towards a new fuzz. Dirt is what I'm really about. A sweet tasty stompbox is where my GAS usually is.
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Its easy to keep justifying it... consider the basic “food groups”: Strat, Tele, LP, Semi-Hollow Body. Different pickups can greatly change the tone of a basic guitar, and RW vs Maple adds more dimensions. That alone could quickly add up to about 10 guitars, each with their own voice.

Then you get into the less middle-of-the-road stuff like an Explorer here, a Jazzmaster there, maybe a SuperStrat with a Floyd. Throw in the an acoustic, and maybe a bass for recording and you’re pushing 20 easily.

As others have said, as long as you’re not mortgaging you’re future, having a lot of guitars can be “just right”.


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I wonder if it's a lot like guns in the US... most people don't own any. Of the people who own at least one, most people own one or two. Then there' a small percentage who own 50+, and actually represent a significant percentage of total ownership.

David Garner

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I mean, I have room for all my guitars, and I wouldn't mind having another one or two, but honestly, I'm at "too many" when I have something I don't use much and something else I want and can't really justify spending the $$$ on. Usually that something else is guitar-related, but sometimes not.

I just sold an AC30 and I'm about to sell a Mesa Express and several pedals because I want another amp. I'm going to go ahead and buy the amp now, but I'm selling the other stuff because the funds could be used elsewhere and it doesn't make sense to keep it all when I never used the AC30 much and I won't use the Mesa or the pedals much when I get the new amp. I try to maintain a reasonable balance and use the gear I have. If I don't have a use for it, it gets moved out sooner or later.


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I can see a reason for this:

3 electrics:
- Strat
- LP
- 12 string

2 acoustics:
- dreadnaught
- 12 string

3 basses:
- upright
- p bass
- active 5 string

- nylon string classical
- nylon string flamenco
- banjo
- mandolin
- dobro
- lap steel
- ukulele



I think “how many is too many” comes down to several factors:
- Financial situation: are the bills paid, mortgage under control, something set aside for retirement, etc.? Unless you’re making a living with music, this is a hobby and definitely not as important as making sure you’re financially secure.
- Are they taking up too much space? I’m lucky that I have a supportive spouse who plays bass, keyboards and accordion (nobody’s perfect) but she has made some pointed comments about the space all those cases take up in our house. Between the two of us, we have about 30 guitars plus other musical instruments. Any more than that and storage becomes an issue.
- Is your hobby taking over too many other things in your life, taking time away from friends, spouse, kids, etc.? You have to maintain that balance. I’m incredibly blessed that I can afford to indulge myself with gear, but at the same time I should be careful not to go too crazy.

As we’ve seen so far, there’s no right answer. Some posters start getting nervous when they have more than 5 guitars while others have amassed collections that make Joe Bonamassa need to change his underwear. It’s whatever works for you. :aok

The Opera Panther

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I’ve got 10, which is about as many as I can fit in my music room/office. 7 electrics, 2 acoustics, and a bass. The only things that don’t get played regularly (lets call that once a week or so) are the 12 string electric, the acoustics (although, I have been playing more acoustic this summer), and the bass. I mainly use those when I’m recording.

I don’t really GAS for more, nor am I thinking about “culling the herd”. I’m good.


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I've got more than I'm comfortable with, particularly with no gigs on the horizon.

Two are currently for sale with another couple possibly on the way out depending on how things go in the world.

I'll probably get down to 2 basses, 2 acoustics (12 string and mando), and 4 electrics and call it done for a while.


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The answer is, "two more than I have right now" by pure deductive logic. The amount of guitars you need is always the same... "just one more than I have". So one more than that is too many. Q.E.D.

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