How Many Stratocasters Do You Own?

I’m pretty much set in my ways when it comes to guitars. Sure I’ve tried Les Pauls, Telecasters, and SG’s. But I always choose Stratocasters. Am I alone? Or do my fellow Gear Pagers own multiple Strats?Didn’t want to post another poll, by the way.
Just One. '91 American Standard with Fralin pickups. This is an older picture though... now I have a Fralin HB in the bridge position. I bought it new at GC in 1991. I recently bought a gorgeous PRS but always end up plying my trusty Strat. We've been through hell and high-water together. Tuning is rock solid and sings like a bird.

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I’m pretty much set in my ways when it comes to guitars.Sure I’ve tried Les Pauls,Telecasters,SG’s.But I always choose Stratocasters.Im I alone?or do my fellow Gear Pagers own multiple Strats?Didn’t want to post another Poll,by the way. View attachment 607964 View attachment 607965 View attachment 607966
Nine Strats, but in the past few years, I've been really into my Les Pauls and SGs, but I'll always love Strats, Teles, and various iterations of all of them.
I bought a 1965 Stratocaster in 1968 (I was the second owner) and have held onto it ever since. In 1991, I bought a Roland Ready Stratocaster and still have it. Love 'em!


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I had one, a Fender American Elite SSS with ebony fretboard.
It was way too heavy for me (for a Strat) and I didn't care for the pickups.

Gambled on buying a PRS Silver Sky (American) sight unseen, online having never played one and voilà, I am all set now. Not interested in another Strat.
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I’ve owned three G&L Comanches over the years, but not anymore. Legal fees… Those were Strat based and amazing.
Leo Fender himself insisted that the G&Ls were the best-sounding, best-playing electric guitars he'd ever created, and I completely agree. The Comanche, S-500, Skyhawk, and so on are just incredible. Add to that the long-lost (and reworked) Espada and Doheny V12.

Having said that, my main Strat is, well, just that: a 1992 USA that I got brand new back in high school. I have it set up for that Hiram Bullock tone that can be used for country and funk all the way to metal. I've had the frets reworked many times, and about five years ago I went all-out and pulled them for fresh ones.

If I knew then what I know now, I'd go with G&L - no question about it.
I currently have six Strats (I really need to take a group photo)
Fender 60s Classic Player - Sonic Blue
Fender Hendrix Monterey
Fender Hendrix Reverse - Black
Fender 60s Roadworn - Olympic White
G&L Legacy - Black
PRS Silver Sky - Tungsten
I have 10 all MIJ/Japanese Viintsge.

3 1983 JV Squier’s
2 1980 Tokai SS80’s
1 1979 Tokai ST50
2 1983 SQ Squier’s
1 1979 Aria Pro II
1 84-87 E Series Vandalism Strat replica
I have owned a bunch. I'm down to a little less than a bunch now, being that it made sense for me at the time to deal three of them away 20+ years ago.
Three. Well, technically 2 are mine and one is my son’s, but it lives here. The interchangeable nature of Fender parts makes having some sort of partscaster possible at any moment. Bolt some sh&t together and “look! It’s Guitar!
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