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How much difference could strings make?

squeally dan

I have been considering replacing the TS pickups in my SRV strat. I don't hate them but to my ears they are a bit harsh. I have had it suggested a couple times that I should switch to pure nickel strings. COuld this really have that big an impact? Haven't gotten any yet but plan on trying some. That would be a lot cheaper than swapping pickups.


They do to me, especially the Snake Oil ones. The all nickels can be real mellow, too mellow sometimes. Maybe try lowering your pickups and the nickel strings, it'll really warm up the guitar.


Big difference to my ears but it depends on the brand and the guitar you put them on of course. Pure nickel wound sounds smoother with less "bite" than nickel plated strings. I'm using DR and Fender nickel wounds now, the Fenders seem to have more "chime" and harmonic content but there are other variables. Give 'em a try! :cool:


Silver Supporting Member
some will depend on how you play? Lots of gain, lots of effects, the difference will be minimal. Just straight into a traditional tube amp (pre-master volume era), much bigger difference.

I love the sound and feel of pure nickel strings, but I go through them too quickly. I've been having good luck with EB regular slinkies, lately.

After I get my guitar squared away, I'm going to try the various Snake Oils, Pyraminds, Elixiers, etc.


Platinum Supporting Member
Strings make a huge difference. +1 on the Snake Oils - they add 20 years to your guitar and my mahogany Chapin strat didn't sound right until I put them on. I think the big tone difference is in the top 3 strings - takes away the bite. On the other hand, the GHS Nickels make the bottom strings sound huge.

Rusty G.

I'll add that the thickness of the strings makes an even bigger difference. For instance, I've got a couple of Ric 360's, identical exept for color. On one, I use 10's, and the other has 11's. The 10's break up easier, and sound great with a Matchless DC30. The 11's sound more old school and sound better with a Germino Club 40. At least, to my ears, thinner strings in low gain applications, sound thinner and distort easier. Thicker strings sound thicker and cleaner.

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