How much mileage out of a diamond fret file?


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I've been using StewMac's straight diamond crowning file for probably two years now, and it's been great. It's still cutting well enough, though perhaps not as quickly lately. I know regular files will wear with time and use, though this is my first experience with a quality diamond file. Not sure if it's in my mind or not, so I figured I'd see what kind of mileage the rest of the tech crew is getting. Thoughts?


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I had an old one, from Stew-Mac before they were Stew-Mac. It says "Guitar Shop Supplies, Ohio" on it, if memory serves. It was perfectly fine all these years and my favorite fret file. Until I let somebody talk me into a stainless steel fret job, which completely ruined the file in one session.

I'm still bitter about that, the current Stew-Mac diamond files are different and I don't like them as much.

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