How much work would it be to convert a speaker cab to a combo cab?


I have a 4x10 tweed "Bassman" speaker cab. There is no cut out at the top for a chassis. I have a separate Tweed Bassman chassis laying around that I want to put into a cab. Instead of buying another 4x10 Tweed Bassman combo cab to fit the chassis, how much work would it take to refashion my current speaker cab to a combo cab?

Or would it be cheaper to just buy another cab?

And does anyone have any recommendations for a cab builder in the Los Angeles area?


Easy for some people. Difficult for others. Even impossible for some.

It's my guess that you aren't very handly with wood working and fabricating. Questioning how hard it would be was a clue.

If you don't care what it looks like then just mark out the chassis opening size and remove the rear panel and any cleats or braces that may be in the way and using a jig saw have at it being careful to go smooth and straight as not to look hacked. If you've never done anything like this it might be real easy to get a hacked up look. Then smooth over the cutout edges with a 1/2" router bit. You'll tear up the edges of the tolex and it'll look hacked so, to look right you'll need to retolex the cab. Then you'll need to locate and drill the mounting holes.

Before attempting any of this I would do careful measuring to make sure the chassis and speakers will fit altogether nicely.

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