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How much $$ worth are you in Gear?

Tone chader

Probably around 15K in value. Some gear has gone up in value. I haven't spent that much. This is gear from over the last 26 years of playing seriously.


I mean, are we talking losses here too? Because my current set up is only about 3k. But over the 20 years I've been playing and gigging I've probably seen 10 to 20k worth of gear go through my hands. I almost always go in this cycle for some reason, research something cheap I want to try. Then realize I don't want to cheap out, so I buy the biggest and baddest. Realize I need like a quarter of what that gear produces, sell for cheaper/more conservative model. Rinse and repeat, until I went nuts last month sick and tired of gear chasing more than playing. Sold it all, bought helix and said bye bye zzounds and gc.com.


I've been playing and collecting for nearly 40 years. I've been gigging, building and selling for a few years less than that. I don't know what the total financial outlay on gear has been to date since I started. It hasn't been a staggering amount by any stretch. But in the final analysis, it's immaterial. I've drawn far more income in the profession than expenditures and been in the black for many years now. So it's never troubled me or kept me awake at night.
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If you buy traditional gear (tube amps, Stratocasters), and buy used, it should be an investment that will appreciate more than it depreciates.

Costly purchases ... anything high tech, anything flavor-of-the-moment.

But, I guess we can't really control what we like.


Got me thinking.... I don't have nearly the gear that I had years ago but I amassed lots of gear during the 70's and 80's that I sat on and sold over the past 10 years. What surprised me is that at the time I felt like I was spending a fortune on a bad investment (money wise) but could hardly believe how much that stuff was worth when I sold it. Not all but most did much better than keep up with inflation. Even stuff MIJ became worth good money. Makes me wonder how modern gear will fare in year to come.

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