How Much Would You Spend On A Guitar You Intend To Upgrade/Change?


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I'm currently on the lookout for a Strat-style guitar that I can route out, if needed, and install some Lollar P90s and I keep waffling between getting a used American Strat and a used Mexican one.

Aside from better pickups in the American models, I am not sure if the differences between the two are worth the extra money, especially since the main difference - the pickups - is going to be the very thing I am changing.

All the used American models I have seen are several hundred dollars more than the Mexican ones I have seen and while I am willing to pay more for an American one, I am not sure if it'll be worth the extra money since I'm gonna have to spend even more on top of that for new Lollars.

If you were planning on changing or upgrading a used guitar, how much would you be willing to spend to acquire that guitar in beginning the process?

Deven Patel

go with MIM Fender once you modify the MIA Fender it is going to lose value. the MIM Fenders are very good guitars and the used prices are a good deal. look on ebay
for the next a couple of weeks you will come across a great deal for under $300.


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I've spent $1200 on a guitar before that I immediately changed pickups, tuners, and tuner buttons. Knew that going in.

However, if you're routing out a strat for P-90's, I'd consider assembling a partscaster. There have to be some swimming-pool routed bodies on ebay, then pick the neck you like.


$200 is my cutoff. But I'd rather purchase a $200 guitar that has a cheap finish and good wood, rather than a fancy-looking bad player. Last guitar I bought was a $50 Squier basket case and it turned out really good. Total investment:$145

Come to think of it, aside from my SG, I don't think I've ever spent more than $200 for a guitar! I prefer to build, rather than but finished instruments, so I guess that's why. Or I'm cheap.;)
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