How often does Warmoth update their 'in stock' stuff?


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Does anyone here know how often they update their 'shop in stock' items and descriptions and pics?
I haven't received an answer from them so I was wondering if any of you people knew. Just curious...


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I know.

Warmoth adds new items to the In-Stock Showcase every single day. We don't "update" descriptions and pics. There's no need for that. We are adding new items constantly, however.

If you are waiting and watching for something specific, subscribe to one of the RSS feeds near the lower left of every In-Stock Showcase page. That way you can monitor all the new stuff.

Also, please remember the the In-Stock Showcase is freaking huge. It's a whole warehouse's worth of stuff...thousands of items. Adding a hundred new items in a day is just a tiny fraction of the total stock, and it's not gonna look like the entire inventory just turned over.

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