How to best apply finish to a guitar?


I've been through many threads on WHAT to use as a finish, so I am set on that and now already to go with materials on the ready (using Waterlox Original). However, I am not really sure on the best method of actually applying the finish to all sides of the body?

How do you all apply a wipe on finish to a guitar body? I've finished guitars before with sprays, but never a wipe on. Spray is easy, hang it and spin it to get every side for a single coat. But I'm not sure how best to apply the waterlox and hit the front, back and sides. All the videos I found were furniture centric so they were not applying to all sides of an object. usually floorboards, so one side application is obvious.

The only way I can think of is hit the front and sides, wipe off and then when dry flip it over and hit the back... Or is there a better way? Afraid there will be some obvious line or lip between the sides and back that will look lame... will the coats applied at different times blend well enough?

Does that make sense?

I'm sure there is a better method, just hope it isn't too obvious?

B. Howard

You will need to do as i do when I french polish and do them separately. I typically do the top and the treble side rim, let dry and then do the back and the bass side. I always know where i am because of the way the body was laid to dry and it's easy to remember, T's or B's.

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