How to change the battery in a Boss GT-6??


How to “Hot Swap” the 3 Volt Lithium Battery CR2032 inside a Roland Boss GT-6

Step 1 – Build a temporary 3 Volt power supply. There are many ways to do this, I used a battery pack (Radio Shack Catalog #: 2700386) that holds two 1.5 Volt D cell batteries in series to make 3 Volts.

Solder a red wire to the positive electrode of the battery pack.

Solder a black wire to the negative electrode of the battery pack.

Solder two tiny alligator clips to the ends of each wire.

Use a volt meter to make sure that you have 3 volts on the alligator clips.

Step 2- Attach the alligator clips to the “BATTERY HOLDER CONTACTS” on the circuit board (BH-32 BT1) Part # 12189815

MAKE SURE the alligator clips don’t short or pop off interrupting the 3 volt supply during the battery swap. Also make sure you have the polarity +- correct.

Step 3 – remove the old CR2032 battery and insert the new one in to the battery holder.

Remove the temporary 3 volt power and you are done.


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If you've already lost your presets, then just open her up and find the battery and replace.

If you still have your presets active, couldn't one just hot swap the battery while the GT6 is powered up? I assume the unit's power will keep the presets active, and the battery voltage is for backup only, so removing it to swap shouldn't interrupt anything. Please note, I "assume" ;)

FWIW, let us know what you find, please!! I've had a GT3 forever, and use it a lot, and still to this day has never needed a battery replacement, nor shows any signs that the internal battery is failing ...but I don't want to tempt fate :)


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