How to choose a Les Paul?

Here's the deal: I've got an Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop, one of the new ones, on old until Monday but now I'm starting to have second thoughts. I just can't see to decide which will be the right Les Paul for me. Therefor I seek advice here. :p

I've just sold my Les Paul Standard, and looking for something more .. cutting edge. I play mostly rock like Alice Cooper, Free, The Who, Neil Young and Madrugada and BigBang, if you've heard of the last two. I think the p-90 will do the job, but I'm also a huge Slash fan, and likes to play Guns N Roses etc which I'm not sure the p-90's will handle?

Unfortunately I won't be able to try them, because the local stores only got a couple of Standards in stock.

I'm on quite a tight budget, I've got $2250 to spend, which isnt that much when you live in Europe and have to pay 150 bucks in shipping and 25% in taxes when it arrives.

Will I get a proper R8 for that kind of money, or do I need to expand my budget by a lot? I just love the look at those R8 in Iced Tea. They look truly stunning. I've seen those new to $2700, does that seem like a fair price, will I be able to get a R8 cheaper?

Just need basic tips how to actually choose with Les Paul to buy :p


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For Les Pauls, I mostly stay in Historic territory. You could opt for an R6 if you wanted the P-90 sound, and I think P-90s are thick enough to do most of what a humbucker can do. I would say they have the same girth but with a touch more clarity. Of course, you have to deal with the noise of the single coil.

An R7 or R8 will work really well if you want humbuckers. I honestly think P-90s or humbuckers will give you most of what you're looking for. I might give the edge to humbuckers if you don't have a guitar with them yet. One thing you have to be aware of with the R7/R8 is that the necks are pretty hefty. If you like slim necks, your best best is one of the Guitar Center 1960 Historics (G0). It's still Custom Shop/Historic, but with the plain top it's about the same price as an R8/R7.

Your budget isn't too far off. You might have to spend a little more to get it to Europe. $2250 is on the low side but if you look it will probably get you a used R8 or G0. You'd have to add the shipping and taxes on top of that I think.

At any rate, if it were me I'd get a Custom Shop Les Paul. I think they are generally higher quality than the USA guitars.

Hope this helps.
Yeah it helped a lot, thanks!

Since I just sold my Standard I don't have a guitar with humbuckers. And Im afraid I need one.

The R8 has plaintops aswell? I've got a thing for plaintop Les Pauls.

My standard had a 60's neck, which I think could have been thicker. Is the R8 necks that much fatter?

Thanks for the link, but it only says "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname). :(


The site must be down. It doesn't really matter because you won't be able to contact them until Monday. When the site is back up, email their sales group and let them know what you are looking for. You may also want to try Wildwood guitars. I recently purchased an Eric Johnson Strat from them and had a very good experience. Just ask for Bruce or Steve.

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