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I have been doing a fair bit of guitar speaker comparing, checking out various video and audio clips. A few things that i've noticed. My 2 cents:

- Lots of people mess up the sound before it reaches the speaker with effects making it impossible to judge the speaker as it is
- it's best to play through a 'standard' guitar, ie strat, tele or LP
- use a decent mic. to record and tell listeners what it is
- use the same or similar cabinet
- don't bore your audience with too much talking. They can find all the info online, in forums etc.
- when trying to find a replacement speaker look at the specs (voice coil, magnet weight and so on..), unless you want a different sound
- in what setting are you using it and what do you need? Your speaker may sound great at home but buried when playing live in a rock band

What i haven't seen anybody do yet:
Trying to create the same sonic eq spectrum when comparing different speakers. All amps have tone stacks, though some lack a specific mid control (some early Fenders etc.).Most speakers have some sound coloring (i'm not talking about EVMs etc). It would seem best to try to set the same level of bass and treble frequencies one prefers and see how the speaker holds up in the middle. What jumps out on low volume and what on high volume.
It's in the middle where it counts. You might need some cutting mids/highs in your rock band. A jazz trio is a different story. Have the right guitar/amp/ speaker/cabinet for the occasion..

Do you have anything to add?


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Related to your comment on the mids, speakers have different efficiencies and apparent loudness, which influences how we perceive the tone. This is the hardest thing to correct for.


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The best way to compare speakers is to put them in YOUR amp and play

The rest is all ********. That is my experience. Take it for it cost you :)

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