How to get a ding out of a fret?


I accidently whacked my guitar fretboard with a jack plug and now I have a small indentation on the 5th fret, right under the G-string.

It's not too obtrusive but I can feel it when I play around there.

Is there a way I can smooth it out without professional tools?

John Phillips

How deep is it? I'm assuming not very - although I've seen some nasty damage to guitars caused by flying plugs...

If it's just barely detectable, try smoothing it out with an Emery board (steal one of your girlfriend/wife's) - the loss of fret height probably won't be noticeable in any other way.

If it's worse, you either have to dress all the frets to some extent, or you could try filling the ding with silver solder and smooth it out again - but that's back into professional tools, and you need to be very quick and careful not to burn the fingerboard. It can be done though.


if the dent is minor try some 0000 steel wool first.
if it is more than minor try some 600 to 800 sandpaper and go lightly. you don't want to take away more material than you need to.

what fret is it?


whatever method you use be sure to tape off the fretboard on either side of the fret with some masking tape before you matter how careful you are it's extremely easy to slip and scratch it up.

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