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Hi Guys,

I'm wondering how to make a half decent demo video of an amplifier or guitar. I see videos where you can hear the person talk but they also have an amplifier mic'd up. I have a Macbook and I have Logic - Just wondering what program to use and how to go about it.

If you have any links to a tutorial or something please post it... Thanks : )

big mike

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there's ways to do it. Mine are mediorce but I just stick video camera in the room.
I go for the 'guerilla' approach with no mixing, tricks, effects, etc. But I've also been meaning to try using garage band or logic to mix in a close mic'd sound.

Should be able to do all that in Imovie

Scott Auld

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Good mic on the amp, another one in the room to catch your voice, into a decent mixer, output of which runs directly into the mic jack of your video camera.

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